Saudy Ramos

Life at the turn of the 20th century

Changes in the 20th century were due to the growth of industry and cities at this time. Some of the changes were for example the role of education in the late 1800's education was viewed as a luxury that only the wealthy had the right to. But as the new century unfolded so did ideas about education. more and more Americans realized how important education was for all and it slowly became much more accessible to anyone who sought it.

Technology also changed how Americans lived their lives, it made more time available for entertainment. At the turn of the century new forms of entertainment began to appear. along came baseball and with it the very first silent movies and vaudeville. Music also became more popular, such as ragtime and jazz. Americans were learning how to enjoy their leisure time!

Blacks were freed from slavery and began to enjoy greater rights as citizens (though full recognition of their rights remained a long way off). Despite these dramatic developments, many economic and demographic characteristics of African Americans at the end of the nineteenth century were not that different from what they had been in the mid-1800s.

The biggest changes happened in the lives of women. New jobs became available as well as new educational opportunities and new roles in the home. The struggle for women's suffrage also began to gain momentum at this time.