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Friday, November 13th!!!!

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Teach Like A Pirate

Tomorrow is Teach Like a Pirate Day!! Wear your Cedar Hill shirts and try to incorporate some of the 'hooks' we are currently reading about into your daily lessons. I can't wait to hear vertical teams share some of their experiences and thoughts about our current reading assignment next week!!! Thanks for incorporating the 'hooks' into your daily lesson designing.

"Much of your success as an educator has to do with your attitude towards teaching and towards kids. The rest of your success is based on your willingness to relentlessly search for what engages students in the classroom and then having the guts to do it."

Teach Like A Pirate, pg. 84

~Dave Burgess

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A Wonderful Veteran's Day Assembly!

Thank you, Terri, and the wonderful fourth graders who put on such a nice musical program this week! I also want to thank everyone who came to the evening performance to support Terri's efforts and music program! Staff presence at parental/school events is key to showing our support for staff, students and the wonderful learning taking place at Cedar Hill!!! I appreciate your time and dedication!!!

I would also like to thank everyone who was involved with the successful Veteran's Day Breakfast!!! What a wonderful honor to host so many veterans and their special Cedar Hill friends!!!!

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Congratulations, Kaitlyn Crouch!!!

Kaitlyn Crouch was recognized this week at the Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Banquet. This special event was held at the Capital Ritz on Monday evening and celebrated the accomplishments and great character exhibited by selected fifth grade students in Jefferson City!! Kate attended this special event with Kaitlyn and her family!!!
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Lunch Bunch- Clipping Off The Chart, Their Teacher and Then To Me!!! WOWWWWW!!!

Looking Ahead. . .

November 13 Walking Day K, 1, 5


8:25- IEP- (M.H.) Koenigsfeld, Rost, Werdehausen

2:10 IEP (M.K.) Dickey, Werdehausen, Rost

November 16 Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:20 - IEP (Q.K.) Koenigsfeld, McDowell, Rost, Werdehausen, Colozza

10:00- Earthquake Drill

6:00- PTO Meeting- Jenny G.- teacher representative

November 17 Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:15- Non-public meeting (B.C) Dickey, Ciolli, Rost, Colozza, Werdehausen

9:40-12:10- Literacy Team Meetings- 5, 4, 3

November 18 Walking Day 2, 3, 4


8:20 IEP (J.D.)- Clark, Rost, Werdehausen, Colozza

12:20-TST (B.L.)- Gordon, Mendez, Lopez, Rost,

1:50- Early Release

November 19 Walking Day K, 1, 5

4:1 Challenge Day!!!

7:30- Staff Appreciation Breakfast- Gabe is being recognized!!!!!

7:50- PBS TIER 1 Meeting

1:20-3:50- Literacy Team Meetings K, 1, 2

November 20 - Popcorn Friday

Send home mid-terms by Monday.

7:45- Dad's Donut Day - No jeans today

All staff in classrooms by 8:00.

Please send all Popcorn Friday money to the office.

11:20- RED + IEP- (R.W.) Gordon, Rost, Werdehausen

November 23 Walking Day K, 1, 5

PTO- Thankful For Our Staff Day

River Region Credit Union Store- AM

8:30- IEP (X.R.) Polowy, Werdehausen, Rost

November 24- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

9:30- STAR Assembly

November 25-Nov.29- Thanksgiving Break- Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!!!

Nov. 30-Dec. 4- Toys For Tots- Fill The Container Campaign with River Region Credit Union

Nov. 30- Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:20- (D.H.) Staffing and IEP-

Dec. 1 Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:10- Staffing (E.C.) - McDowell, Rost, Werdehausen, Colozza, ____

Dec. 2 Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:20- TST (B.P.) Rost, Bearden, McDowell

12:30-3:30- Lorie attends CPI Refresher Training

Dec. 3 Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:15- IEP (R.P.)- Dickey, Rost, Werdehausen, Colozza

3:00-3:30- Major Saver Assembly- gym

Dec. 4 Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:10- Staffing (S.M.) Rost, Werdehausen, Colozza, ____

1:20- TST2 (J.B.) McBaine, Rost, Smith, + team

A Guest Reader!!!! Larry Linthacum Came To Visit Today in Mrs. Green's Room

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Character Trait: Polite

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