Technology Rules For Parents

By Emma S. 8M

Rule #1

Do not share your personal information and passwords: because if you tell your best friend than you guys don't like each other any more they could tell everyone your secrets and passwords.

Rule # 2

Be careful what you post on line: Because if you post something online and regret it so you delete it it isn't gone. Anyone could kind track the photo even if you delete it.

Rule # 3

Watch what apps you are using: don't purchase bad apps because someone could see what you are playing or reading.

Rule # 4

Don't post pictures or say things about someone that they don't want shared: it isn't nice to post things about other people without there opinion, that could lead to bullying.

Rule #5

Watch what you say online: words do hurt

Rule #6

Do not copy and paste other peoples work

Rule #7

Do not make fake accounts of other people: it could lead to bullying

Rule #8

Do not text and drive: it could lead to accidents
Don't Text and Drive Commercial

Rule #9

Do not share your location

Rule #10

Do not cyber bully