Loyalist college

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Course requirements

For example if you wanted to be come an engineer you would need Advance functions, calculus and vectors,physics, English Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or related field. also you need at least one course must be taken that deals with technology.

Sort of education needed

In high school a diploma is highly recommended for going to college.Also you must have experience with the course you decide to take in college.
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Loyalist length of study required for chosen course.

For example if you would want to earn a bachelors degree it would take about four years at loyalist of study in those four years you will complete 120 semester credit for 40 college courses.

Salary for engineering

Few engineers make a lot of money in the start of their career,but engineers can expect to make between 20,000 and 25,000.Different engineers make different amounts of money for example electronic engineers make 32,500,mechanical engineers make 37,500, civil engineers make the most which is 47,500,and chemical engineers make 42,500