where land is rich in goods


Want to come to Minnesota but can't, not anymore. Get there by steamboat, the new 1847 transportation. Faster than walking, carriage, canoe or oxen. With an abundance of water in its limits you can almost go anywhere from Minnesota!

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Coming for land to live on or to buy, you've come to the right place with acres of land open for settlement , including no banks ! Bored of your dull home, seek adventure, come to Minnesota! Turn the land into a wonderful town or schools and universities for kids. Where there's the most magnificent water. "the sun never shone on a more beautiful or fertile land"

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Looking for a good education for your kids and yourself, come to Minnesota, with the New England school teacher Harriet Bishop to teach your kids all your problems will go away! Harriet Bishop helps her community by raising money for community projects, only one of the many trustworthy people in Minnesota.