Ruby Bridges

How can children stand up for what's right?


You would think that whites and blacks always got along right, wrong. Black people had to drink out of different water fountains, sit on the back of buses or give their seats up, and whites would have their own schools. It was because some whites didn't think blacks were as good as them.

Ruby Bridges

About Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges changed that when she was only 6 years old. Ruby was born on September 8,1954, in Tylerville, Mississippi. She lived on a farm with her parents and grandparents. When she was 4, Ruby and her parents moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ruby Bridges walking out of school.

Ruby's mom signed Ruby up at a white school. Her dad didn't want her to go to school, because he might get fired from his new job. But her mom wanted her daughter to go to a white school to get a good education, because she didn't when she was a kid.
On Ruby's first day of school, Ruby's mom came with her. Kids were threatening to hurt and poison Ruby. Ruby and her mom stayed in the office the whole day. People outside were protesting because Ruby went to school. They were yelling at a 6 year old. On Ruby's second day her mom came with her again. They bullied her just like the first day.
On Ruby's third day her mom didn't go with her. Ruby's teacher Mrs. Henry was kind to Ruby. She taught her like all the others. She helped Ruby when the others bullied her.
Because Ruby went to school her father lost his job. Her grandparents lost their jobs as farmers because Ruby went to school. Some white people didn't want Ruby to go to school, but others didn't mind.
Ruby encourged a lot of African American kids to go to school even if they were a different color. Ruby taught a lot of people that no matter what color you are you should still be treated the same!