Pont de les Ferreres

Roman Monument

What is an aqueduct?

An aqueduct is a water supply or navigable design to convey water. The purpose of an aqueduct is to transport water to a city to be used by the population.


The Pont de les Ferreres Is a Roman bridge, part of the Roman aqueduct built to supply water to the ancient city of Tárraco, today Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain. The aqueduct bridge is located 4 kilometers north of the city, this aqueduct took water from the Francolí river, 15 kilometers north of Tarragona. The Pont de les Ferreres is composed of two levels of arches: the upper section has 25 arches, and the lower one has 11.

When it was built?

The date of construction is uncertain, some people believe that it was built during the era of Augustus. Restored during the reign of Rahman III. Known as Devil Bridge, because a legend depicts that it was built by the Devil after winning a bet in which a fair lady bet her soul.