For Sale-New England Colonies

Price from: $1,623-$1,636 (think of ALL prices in years)

States that are on sale are listed below:

  • Massachusetts, Plymouth Rock
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
Note: I will be telling the interesting things about each one for you to have to think about your purchase.

For sale now for $1,628

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Massasuttes History and Important Info

The founder of this beautiful place is William Bradford. He sailed on his ship the Mayflower with Pilgrims in 1920 to Plymouth rock, Massachusetts, but Massachusetts was found in 1928. Afterwards they both came together and became one. This place was known as "Americas Hometown". Back when they were forming up their economic system, they had to farm, fish and shipbuilding in order to become a strong state. Their Government is ruled by the corporate people. So if you do not like this, then Massachusetts is not the place for you! When people were coming to this wonderful land around 20,000 migrates from North Carolina came and lived in Massachusetts, Plymouth rock. In the 1700s, there were Indians that were known as the Patuxet people that inhabited this land. The Puritans was their established religion. In this religion, they wanted to purify their church, meaning if you are not part of their religion they would humiliate you in front of the other people or maybe even hurt you. So if this scares then you should probably no want to live here. In Massachusetts, they had town meetings. This about sums it up about this state so if you are interested then contact us. Contact info at the bottom.

For sale now for around $1,623 to $1,638

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New Hampshire History and Important Info

The wonderful founders of New Hampshire is Captain John Mason and Sir Ferdinadno Gorges (they found Maine as well). You may ask how did they establish their economy. Well they had established it through agriculture and manufacturing. If you love to farm then get your money and buy this place because this is the place for you. Their Government system was run by the corporate then later it was the Royal. Around 12,000 people, including Indians lived here in the 1700s. The two Native American Tribes that inhabited New Hampshire were the Abenaki and the Pennacock. This is another state that is run by Puritan religion. If you do not like Puritans then do not buy this place but in case that you are interested then contact us. We are desperate to get rid of these places.

For sale now for $1,653

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Rhode Island History and Important Info

The founder of this beautiful place is Roger Williams. He was going to be exiled by the puritans back to New England because they did not want him to find a competing colony. He did it anyway and he found Rhode Island. This place was known as the "sewer" because the puritans see it as a place for non believers and non religious people, but anyway they made their economy by Mixed Farming. To understand about their Government is that they were a corporate charter. They believed that you must have approval from a higher power to live there and be known as a person. The population of this state was around 7,181 people. That was a good amount back then. The Wampanoag, Narragansett, and the Niantic tribes were the Native Americans that inhabited this place. Rhode Island does not have any religion because they did not want to be like a crazy, religious puritan. Once again if you are interested in this beautiful, historical state then please do not hesitate to contact us.

For sale now for $1,635

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Connecticut History and Important Info

The founder of Connecticut is Thomas Hooker. He was a Puritan minister so guess what religion this state established. PURITAN. They are a corporate and they established fundamental orders with the First Constitution. Their economy became strong by the people doing Mixed Farming. 100 colonists were led by Thomas but later on the Population became around 183,900 people. There were also Native Americans that inhabited Connecticut and they are called the Eastern Pequot, Golden Hill Paugussett, and Schaghticoke. So this a brief history of Connecticut so if you are interested in this state then contact us. Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Contact Info

If you are interested in buying any of these states, please contact the king or leader of New England and he will probably or probably not get back to you because you know how greedy he might be. Here is the Number:
  • Phone number; (555)-565-5656
  • E-mail;