In tmobile commercial ad during the Super Bowl of 2015 , the company hoped to grab the viewers attention about their no contract deal, by implying that having a no contact phone service could benefit the consumers in a variety of ways.

Tmobile uses Tim Tebow, a well-known NFL player, to endorse how great the no contact plan is , first by showing all the freedoms he now has by switching to tmobile, and by showing how stress free being with tmobile is.

Tim Tebow major role in the commercial ad was to show how tmobile contract over other cell phone contracts is completely on a different level in order to get more people to join t mobile, tmobile shows and represents a no contact zone, who would not want that, everybody wants to feel free with their cell phone carrier.

The main audience of this commercial ad is towards anyone who pays for their cell phone , more specifically toward people with other cell phone carriers, the tone is happy, and overjoyed to have such a great cell phone carrier which invites others to want to feel the same happiness and freedom.