7th Grade End Of The Year Party

Braden St. Ama & Makeeda Keener


For our food we decided upon Pizza Palace. In our 7th grade, we have no more than 250 students, so why pay more if we know that we can be paying less? Depending on how many people come to the party (the whole 7th grade most likely) we will be paying on how many people decide to buy the all you can eat pizza bar. Who wouldn't buy it? Its Pizza!

In order to calculate how much you're paying, you would do the equation y= $61.25 (set up fee) + $9.25 (cost for each person) times x (amount of people). The rate it goes at is constant after the set up fee.

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For our entertainment choice, we chose Jumpin' Jacks. Depending on how long the party would last, which is estimated to be 4-5 hours long, you would want the better deal. At four hours, both Hoppin' Around and Jumpin' Jacks cost $400. Yet at 6 hours, our choice: Jumpin' Jacks costs $42 less than the competitor. If we are to go over our time limit, we will be paying less than we should've with the opposing company.

In order to get the cost of how much Jumpin' Jacks would cost you would do the equation: $84 (set up fee) + $54 (cost per hour) times x (amount of hours). If on a graph, this line increases slower than the other, signifying that it would cost less over time.

Guranteed to be fun, delicious, and worth it!

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