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I am a very motivated person who always questions his surroundings and am never satisfied until my thirst for knowledge and learning is fulfilled. I've been working towards my long term goals for years, many of which include a career in either architecture or global studies. I have been preparing for both of these fields of work through college classes, work seminars, first hand experience, volunteering, interning , foreign language, and global travel. I pride myself on my courage and ruthless pursuit of my goals and I wish to have success in life since I don't plan on letting any obstacle get in the way of that.


Currently I am the co-leader of my high schools Chinese culture immersion club that we started after several of us, including myself traveled to china in 2014 and we wanted to share our experiences with others. I have actively played high school level soccer for 3 years and have also participated in yearbook and graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks. In 2013 I participated in a week long trip to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. This trip was part of a Model United Nations conference at the headquarters consisting of thousands of students from all around the world sharing ideas and debating issues. The trip to china I received was a competitive scholarship for only the best Chinese language students at my high school. I spent two weeks abroad in the Cities Beijing and Harbin immersed in the local Chinese culture, language, and lifestyle. In 2015 I took a week long service learning trip to Pune, India on the grounds of the vision international learning center founded by the Puranik Foundation. While there, we participated in many local festivals and customs, while directly impacting the children there through teaching, group activities, and physical work around the rural property as well as getting to explore the country and its landmarks. Closer to home I have been active in other community organizations such as the Houston chapter of the World Youth foundation which brings together children and adults from all over the city of Houston for service and community activity events.
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Morgan Krueger-Miller- High school math teacher