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Parent Newsletter from Modern and Classical Department

Ms. Valenzuela's Classes

Artes de Lenguaje nivel uno

Hola a todos,

Estamos trabajando en un imovie para el tema de las leyendas.

Para la clases de artes de lenguaje nivel dos, los jóvenes están practicando el pretérito en forma de conversaciones.

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Mr. Aragón's Classes

The Art of Persuasion

Mr. Aragon's AP Spanish class have been studying the how to write a persuasive essay. They have learned the different techniques of how to capture the attention of their reader. In addition, they have learned how to use evidences to sway the strongest of opinions to change.

In addition, Mr. Aragon's students are created instructional video for the rule of accents and separation of syllables. It will be very exciting to see the different ways that students have been able to communicate with students around the world and help other native Spanish speakers with their own Spanish learning.

Ms. Méndez' Classes

Ms. Corley's Classes

Spanish I

In Spanish I, students have completed a mini-project in which they labeled the parts of the body in Spanish. This project allowed for students to work together in an interactive manner. Students now know how to name some of their body parts. This quick one day project demonstrated team work and a fun atmosphere of learning!

Spanish II

Students have been working diligently in learning the past tense. They created children's books in which they discussed what they used to do when they were children. They then read it to the class. For some extra credit, students then recorded reading their story to family member. The children's books were a wonderful display of the fun they had in their childhood!

Ms. Jones' Classes

Ms. Jones' French two and three classes have been working on French geography. They can now identify 22 different cities, mountain ranges, rivers, and surrounding countries of France. Students also created a skit which they memorized and presented in French. While preparing their skits, students did research on different cities in France and they talked about the monuments that they saw, the food that they ate, the weather, and the clothing that they wore on their "trips" to these cities.

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