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History of Blac Roc Records

It all started back in High School, Sophia Black and Tyler Rock formed a friendship that would then lead into forming a partnership with record label, Blac Roc Records. Established in early 2014, Black and Rock set out to find a location and invest in the equipment to make this label happen. After setting aside the money and establishing their place of residency, the pair worked on signing artists. After signing up and coming artists such as Garrett Tomayo, Logan Spears, and themselves, BR Records is taking off.

As of April 21, 2015, Blac Roc Records signed a joint deal with major label Atlantic Records, allowing artists on BR to work with more known producers, and for select artists at Atlantic to work at label that has more of a family, indie vibe. This is a very exciting time for Blac Roc as they venture into the journey that is, the Music Industry.


Blac Roc Records is offering the deal of a lifetime. Signing with the label!

The process will begin in early May and run for a week's time. During this time period, come on down to headquarters and YOU can audition to be signed to the label! For the audition process, prepare for an interview with the CEO's and a guest producer. Your choices for audition material includes the following:

Choice 1: One original song, Two cover songs

Choice 2: Two orginal songs, One cover song

Choice 3: Three original songs

BR Records is very interested in singer/songwriters, so at least one original song must be performed during the auditon process.

Good luck to all interested in this AMAZING DEAL provided to you through Blac Roc and Atlantic Records!

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The Music Store

Monday, May 11th, 9am-11pm

Nashville, TN, United States

Nashville, TN