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January 25, 2021

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Chalpin's Corner

In the summer a lot of us like to spend time fishing, especially with our children. When we are out there we need patience; we cast then wait for the fish to bite. If we use a plain hook, the fish aren’t interested, so we choose another one that’s more attractive. Those who fish as a hobby have a lot of ideas about what works best to attract the fish, what they use for bait often depends upon what type of fish they are trying to catch. Sometimes it is the color of the lure on the line that attracts a fish. Sometimes it is the actual food such as a worm, at times we need to use a “fly”. Avid fishermen are generally eager to share their strategies with others. In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus passed along the Sea of Galilee; he saw Simon and his brother, Andrew fishing. He said to them, “Come after me, and I will make you into fishers for men” (Matthew 4:19) They then left their fishing nets and followed him. A little farther he saw James and his brother, John. They were in their boat mending nets Jesus asked them to follow him also, and immediately they did.

These men saw God’s great love in Jesus and were willing to follow him. It is the same today; love causes people to follow Jesus. Jesus told his disciples that he would teach them how to “fish for people.” He showed all of us that the way to do that is to have God’s love in our lives and share it with others.

These two men answered Jesus’ call to follow him, each one of us is called to accept God’s love and spread the Good News with others. Think about a time recently where you shared God’s love.

Praise and Worship

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Staff Star of the Week!

Mrs. Damur is Wonder Woman! She is an amazing leader, a loyal friend, a nurturing mother, and a devoted disciple of Jesus. It is truly amazing to see all of her gifts and talents being shared with those around her. No matter how busy she is, Mrs. Damur always has time to help with a project or sit down for a heartfelt chat. In that moment she has a way of making people feel like they are sincerely valued and appreciated. She is the perfect mixture of professionalism and silliness which makes her so approachable to staff and students alike. We are so lucky to get to spend everyday with you Mrs. Damur! You make this building a home away from home.

Kindergarten 'Hand's On' Learning

Grade 2/3 Art and Math: Learning About Measurement and How To Make Slime!

Grade 2 - Teacher's Pet In Class Field Trip: Craving Inukshuks

SILC Online Learners

The deadline for our online SILC students to return to St. Luke for this year is January 29th. Please contact the school office if you are planning on returning to St. Luke. This is the last re-entry point of the year.
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Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten, and KinderPlus Progams

Come join our St. Luke Family!

Kindergarten Program

Independence, initiative, decision making, creativity, the ability to learn, relationships and feelings of self-worth - all have their beginnings in early childhood. We believe that each child is unique and, together with parents as our partners, we build upon children's natural curiosity and spontaneity, encouraging and supporting them as they take their first step into school. To register for Kindergarten in the 2021-2022 school year, your child must be 5 years old by December 31, 2021. This program will run Tuesday/Thursday and alternating Fridays. For more informaiton on registration for the Kindergarten Program visit our EICS Kindergarten site.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

The St. Luke Pre-Kindergarten program is a Catholic faith infused, student-centred, play-based program in literacy and numeracy rich learning environment. Our Pre-Kindergarten program supports all students to learn and grow by working alongside our experienced and caring staff. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is taught by a knowledgeable and caring certified teacher and strives to ensure all students enjoy their first school experience and are excited to work and learn with their friends. Children must be 4 years old by December 31, 2021. Please note there will be a cost per month to attend this progam. This program will run Tuesday/Thursday and alternating Fridays.

KinderPlus Program

St. Luke will be offering an optional full day, fee-based program, Kinder Plus, to complement our Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten program.This program will meet the needs of families and children by providing a full day instruction running on the opposite days of our Kindergarten program: Monday/Wednesday and alternating Fridays. Kinder Plus will compliment the Kindergarten program through the enhancement of skills such as problem solving, social interactions and project based learning. Contact the office for more information and for registration instructions. Please note there will be a cost per month to attend this progam.

If you have any questions in regards to any of our programs please call our office at 780-992-5920.

School Council/Parent Association


If you haven’t already, please join our brand new School Council and Parent Association Facebook page! We are excited to offer this official space to share news and updates about events, fundraising, and more!

Link to join:


Please join us Monday, February 22nd, 2021 at 6:30pm for our next virtual School Council and Parent Association meeting.

School Fees 2020-2021

Please log into PowerSchool for this year's school fees. School fees have now been added to your Powerschool account and are now due. Payment can be made by debit or credit card by visiting your PowerSchool account.

All field trips involving bussing are cancelled for this year. However virtual field trips and other in class activities may still occur and with notice will be charged accordingly to your account. Please contact the office if you require any assistance.

Bell Let's Talk Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day is Thursday, January 28 and we’re joining in to help drive progress in mental health.

This year’s Bell Let’s Talk Day campaign shines a light on the actions that we can all take, because now more than ever, mental health matters. Whether you’re staying virtually connected with a family member, working directly with patients in recovery, investing in access to care or even just taking care of your own mental health, every Canadian can play a part in their communities, workplaces, schools and at home.

That’s why we’re joining in the 11th annual Bell Let’s Talk Day to help create positive change. As a school community we are encouraging students and staff to show their support by wearing blue on Thursday, January 28th. In the days leading up to Bell Let’s Talk Day, teachers will also be talking to students about how they can support themselves and others when experiencing mental health challenges. Student created writing and artwork will be displayed on lockers as a sign of our school wide commitment to supporting positive mental health initiatives.

When it comes to mental health, now more than ever, every action counts.

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, January 26

  • Praise and Worship at 9:00am. Please join us! Click here

Thursday, January 27

  • Bell Let's Talk Day - wear blue to show your support
  • Report Cards are avaiable to view on Powerschool at 3:00pm

Friday, January 28

  • PD DAY - No School Today!

February 4th & 5th - Teachers Convention NO SCHOOL for these two days.

OLPH (Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish)

Masses at OLPH will be livestreamed. Please join using this link.

Visit OLPH Website for more information about the parish and in regards to sacremental preparation.

Read the lastest bullitin from OLPH.

St. Francis of Assisi Parish

St. Francis of Assisi parish is administered by Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sherwood Park. Please contact the parish for confession times and more information.

Clergy: Reverend Jim Corrigan, Pastor

Mass Time: Sunday 11:00

Email Address: StFrancisAssisi.Tofield(at)

5523 - 50 Street Tofield, AB T0B 4J0

See map: Google Maps

Phone: 780-467-5470