Drones: Helpful or Hindering?

The world of UAVs {Unmanned Aerial Vehicles}

What is a Drone?

A drone is a manmade, electronically-guided aerial surveillance vehicle or weapon. There are many drones that are legal to be used by members of the general public, but there are also ones used by many countries as weapons of war, such as the American Predator drone. The drones used by members of the public do have rules, that are:

1. You are not allowed to pilot it over 120m in the air.

2. You cannot fly it near airports.

3. You cannot fly it too close to other people.

But suprisingly, there are no rules about using it to spy on people...

How drones can invade your privacy.

Animal Rights Activists in Australia have been using legal civilian drones to spy on farmers that they believe are treating their livestock cruelly. As no-one owns the sky, it is technically legal to use these drones to spy on people. If they were sneaking into the farm then it would be trespassing and they could be arrested, but since they are flying through the air in an unmanned drone, they are unable to be charged with any crime. So what do you think? Should drones be allowed for spying? Are the people using the drones doing the right thing? it's all up to you, and your opinions.