Heroic Traits

Odysseus's Traits


Odysseus proved that along with his men he was also strong. He proved this when he picked up the large olive wood stake along with the remaing men he had. "I drew it from the coals, then my men stood round me, and a god breathed courage into us. They held the sharpened olivewood stake, and thursted it into his eye." That was the quote from the book that showed his stength.
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He proved this when he thought of the plan to beat the cyclopes. He also thought of how to get out of telling the the cyclops where his ship was. Also, he avoided killing the cyclops because, "But the next thought checked me. Trapped in the cave where we would certainly die, since we have no way to move the great stone from the wide entrance." There he knew he could kill the cyclops, but also knew that in order to do that he would kill his men as well. That along with his idea to get the cycops drunk, prove that he is incrediable wise.
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He showed that he was brave, by just talking to the cyclopus. "Our spirits fell at his words, in terror at his loud voice and monstrous size. Nevertheless I answered him," that showes that even though he was afraid of the cyclopus he still tried to talk his way out.
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