Navreet Dhillon

Me Project


Hello! My name is Navreet Dhillon. I am 15 years old girl. I was born in India but raised in Canada. Only a few things matter to me the most. My family, studies, sports, and friends are some of them.

I want to tell who I was.

Who I am.

I' m the one who is always laughing.

sometimes, through the pain.

I' m really bold and strong.

Sometimes, I get weak and I cry.

I'm the one who loves her family.

Sometimes, argue and get mad at them.

I'm the one who loves sports and they make me strong.

Sometimes, I get injured and I get hurt.

I'm the one who loves Math and hate Biology,

Sometimes, the mathematical problem gets annoying and system of life gets interesting.

I'm the one who loves chocolate and fast food.

Sometimes, I love eating fruits and healthy food to balance out.

I love birds and animals.

Sometimes, get scared of the target of pigeon's dropping.

I'm the one who is satisfied with my life

Sometimes, my expectations get high and I want to achieve more.

That's it, That's all about me.

Who I am, who I was.

My Life Line

Winning Wrestling ROPSSAA 2016

It was the significant day of my life because I had finally achieved what I was working hard for. It was like a dream come true moment for me. Winning ROPSAA was qualifying for OFSAA made my family, my coaches, my teachers and my whole team proud. I still remember my final match when the referee raised my hand, my whole team hugged me picked me up. That victory payed of my pain, sweat, my hard work and my dedication.

Favorite things about me

  • I love sports; wrestling is my favorite. I also like playing football, badminton, track and field and soccer. Sports make me feel fresh and stress-free.
  • I am a foodie person. I love all kinds of food from healthy-to-unhealthy. My favorite food type is Italian, Indian, Chinese and Mexican. Being more specific I love pasta any kind of pasta.My favorite is Eastside Mario's.
  • Music is my favorite time pass, whenever I am stressed out or I am nervous, music always helps me relax and calm down. My favorite singer is Sia, One direction, and Future.

My leadership skills


Pace-setting leaders expect excellence and self-direction, and can be summed up as ‘Do as I do, now’. The Pace-setter very much leads by example, but this type of leadership only works with a highly-competent and well-motivated team. It can only be sustained for a while without team members flagging. Like the Coercive leader, Pace-setters also show the drive to succeed and initiative, but instead of self-control, these are coupled with conscientiousness.

My Influences

My main influences are my parents, my friends and my teachers/coaches. My parents have such high standards of morals that encourage me to follow my dreams and stop me from wrong things. I feel it is utterly impossible for me to live without them. My friends always help me to be myself. I can always rely on them in any situation. I gained how to trust strangers and become best friends with them. My teachers/ coaches help me to do well both academically and athletically. Each day I learn something new from them which helps me in my life. They have made me more smart, active and strong. Sometimes I get scared and I don't believe in myself but they all make me believe in myself which makes me more confident every time.

Role Model/People in my life

Mary Kom, the Indian women boxer.

She inspires me because she worked really hard since childhood to qualify for Olympics and play for India. In childhood, she had to face poverty, discrimination and family disputes, because of this she didn't quit instead all these factors became her power which supported her to follow her passion. She used to practice till late in the night even after the others had left.Which inspires me to follow my dreams and face all the problems that come in the way.


  • Olympic gold medal in 2012.
  • In 2012 and 2014 Asian games, Gold medal.

Family Symbols

The picture below of Heat lake represents my family's favourite picnic area. Whenever we are free, I and my family go to Heart Lake area, here we walk around, play badminton and send a quality family time together. Whenever we go there, it brings my family closer and makes our relationship with each other even stronger. Secondly, the second picture represents my family's interest. Since childhood in summers each Sunday, my parents used to wake us up and make us do gardening with them. Since then this is a ritual of our family to do gardening in the morning. This ritual benefits us in different ways, we get the fresh breath in the morning, it's a good exercise and it makes our house looks beautiful and natural. Lastly, the third picture is our religious symbol that represents Sikhism, it represents our whole community. The shown symbol is called "Khanda" and it represents God without beginning or end and reminding Sikhs to remain within the rule of God. I and my family have a belief in god and also we are religious.

My Future

For my future careers, I want to be a Police Officer or do something related to Criminology and Justice. I am very interested in this career because I am an adventurous person, it gives me a chance to experience new things and most importantly it's an active job. To achieve that job, after grade 12, I will apply for peel cadet police training program, in this program they will train me for 5 years and they will also pay me. At the end, I will leave the training with a job of a constable. I also have a second career plan of doing a degree in Criminology and justice, and become a police officer or an Immigration officer.

Quiz Results


  • Kinesthetic-43%
  • Auditory-33%
  • Visual-23%
My Personality type is ESTJ
  • Extroverted
  • Sensing
  • Thinking
  • Judging

A person who systematically examines, studies, or inquiries; searches or examines the particulars of; examines in detail.


Computers courses help you develop a deeper understanding of the world of computers. Topics may include: Computer Science and Computer Programming.


Multiple Intelligences-Interpersonal

Understanding others, being social.

True colour Personality- Orange(Adventurous)

Characteristics-playful, Competitive, Impulsive and like to take risks.

Work Preference Quiz results(Government Website)

Ditective-75%(Like to take responsibility for projects that require planning, decision making and co-ordinating the work of others. They see themselves as independent and self-directing).

Career Cluster

  • Score Summary
  • Exploring Careers
Right or left Brain

Right Brain



Left Brain




All the quizzes were helpful as they gave me an idea of my personality and I get to know myself even better. The most accurate test was True color personality test because it gave me the right result of my personality. The result is orange; means I am an adventurous person. The result is right because I like taking risks, being adventurous and whenever I do something I become very competitive. Overall the result was accurate according to my personality. Secondly, the interest type and work preference test helped me in determining what I want to do because for interest type result I got an investigator which is the great interest to have to be a police officer. In that career, a person has to examine reports, do inquiries and make reports. According to that test, it gives me an idea of my interest type that will match with my career. And for the work preference, I got detective which matches with my interest and career in criminology and justice that I want to pursue in the future. Moreover, with some helpful result, I also got some least helpful results. Career Cluster was least helpful because it suggests me a future career, and those careers do not match my interest and personality. A Persuade was one of the suggested careers and it does not match my interest or personality. I think I am not good at persuading other people. It gets hard for me to make people believe on what I think is right.My four strengths are being co-operative, I interact with other people and respect their ideas in a group discussion, I like to involve everyone in the group discussion and adjust if my thoughts do not match with others. My second strength is problem-solving skills. I examine the issue carefully and find a suitable solution for the problem. My third strength is that I am creative and imaginative, this strength helps me to come up with unique and creative ideas. My imagination skills help me to follow my passion because while imagining I stop thinking about problem and issue going in my life and it gives a good chance to imagine my future and one day I will turn my thoughts into things. Lastly, my strength of being organized makes my life easier because of this I can plan ahead and I always complete my work on time because of my organized time.Now moving towards my weaknesses. My first weakness is that I do not think of consequences before doing something, if I am injured, I will still play not thinking about the bad consequences of playing during an injury. My second weakness is that sometimes I need an order and sequence to do something which create problem when things are not organized and it gets hard for me to work. Thirdly, I trust everyone easily and fast. I am an open person I share my all secrets and thoughts with other by trusting them, not knowing that can betray me. Lastly, giving importance one thing more than others. If I am doing all things together, it gets hard for me to pay attention to all of them. I can focus and do good in one thing. I can’t do well in spots and studies together. I learned a lot about myself from these quizzes. I learned that I am a cooperative and I do good working in groups. I got surprised with the result that I am a Guardian. I knew it that I am a interpersonal person but being guardian means I have funny with my friends but I also get serious towards my work. I consider myself more a irresponsible person and it gets hard for me to stay on my task or be serious towards my task. Overall, these quizzes gave me a better consideration about my personality and interests and about my future careers.