Transition Planning Meeting for Kim

Information for Kim and her family

The Big Move From Preschool to Kindergarten

Welcome! We want all kids to be happy and successful in school. For this reason, I am sending you this newsletter to give you some details regarding Kim's upcoming transition meeting. We want to ensure that Kim's entry into Elementary School is a smooth and enjoyable experience and that you have all of your questions and concerns addressed before the school year begins.

Purpose of the Meeting

We want to have a meeting with Kim and her family so we can:
  • get to know her a little better before she begins school.
  • learn about her strengths, interests, and needs so we can prepare for a smooth transition from preschool into kindergarten.
  • clearly understand her physical, social/emotional and learning needs to ensure we are prepared with the necessary supports and are using the strategies that best work for her.
  • ensure she has the best start possible into Kindergarten.

The Team Who May Be Involved with Kim's Transition Planning

  • Kim and her Family (Parents/Guardians)
  • Principal
  • Classroom Teacher, Designated Early Childhood Educator (DECE)
  • Occupational and/or Physiotherapist
  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Other possible people (from the Board or community) who may work with, or be involved with Kim in some capacity

What You Might Expect to Happen at the Meeting (The Process)

We might:

  • discuss or consider the development of an IEP or Safety Plan
  • arrange a visit to Kim's current setting (day-care, home, etc)
  • arrange a date(s) for Kim to visit the classroom/school and meet her teacher and other staff who might be working with her
  • prepare visuals to assist with the transition, eg. a school photo book or video, map of the school
  • talk about the classroom/school's learning materials, resources and space
  • discuss special transportation if it is necessary, and other mobility issues that need to be considered
  • arrange for peer supports and student awareness activities
  • provide readings or teacher information sessions to assist teachers with understanding Kim's needs

Roles and Responsibilities of Parents and Educators

For would be helpful if you could:
  • help Kim understand what to expect in Kindergarten (especially on the first day)
  • share strategies that you know work for her at home or in her daycare
  • support Kim in the process
  • ask questions of the school and staff

As educators...we will be responsible for:

  • observing and documenting Kim's strengths, challenges, interests and learning style in order to appropriately assess her accomplishments and determine her next steps
  • work together as a team to set goal and expectations to work towards
  • maintain the information on the iEP

How Does This Transition Plan Help Kim in her Future?

We will learn what strategies work for Kim to be successful and we can ensure that others involved with Kim will also know what she requires to be successful. This plan helps to inform our instruction and set realistic goals and expectations for her to work towards.

A great start to school, sets the foundation for success! Let's work together to ensure Kim is set up for success!!

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