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Class of 2014 - 2015 Special Online Edition

This is a special edition of The Ambassador featuring a collaboration between Ms. Valenti's 8th Grade English classes and Mrs. Poerio's 8th Grade Computer classes. Be sure to check out the video links included in this online edition.

Popular Music of 2015 by Jordan W.

Music is everywhere. If you turn on the television, you hear music in shows and commercials. When you get in the car and turn on the radio, music fills your car. You can even choose what kind you want to listen to. Music plays a huge part in our lives and it is used in many different ways. It can be an outlet for emotions, an influence, a story, or just an activity that you enjoy.

There are many different genres of music and everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Some genres of music are loud and full of action, such as rock, heavy metal, and punk. Others are more gentle, such as classical, jazz, and country. There are so many more genres of music to explore and to enjoy. These genres, artists, and songs range from 200 years ago to present day. Let’s take a look of the most popular songs of 2015. (They aren’t in any particular order)

1. "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars- This funky, upbeat tune ruled the radio this year. It was practically on every station. Bruno says that he and Mark Ronson wrote this song based on a jam that they were playing. He says that after a while, the lyrics just came to them. This song will make your day and bring a smile to your face, so make sure you listen.

2. "Sugar" by Maroon Five- This happy, flirtatious melody claimed number one for the Top Ten Songs of the Month twice in a row. This song is sweet and upbeat, as well as catchy. I know that there were many times when my friends and I were caught singing this song. Its lyrics are very well written and the video depicts Maroon 5 crashing weddings and improving the bride's day tenfold. Make sure you listen to this sweet tune this summer.

3. "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran- If you are looking for the perfect love song, this one is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Ed Sheeran woos us all with his sugar-sweet song about falling in love and building a strong relationship with your significant other. This song brought many smiles and good feelings to everyone. Make sure you slow things down one night and enjoy this song with a good book.

4. "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift- This song about love, heartbreak, and flirting is a must-listen-to song. Taylor talks about falling in love and writing down the number of a boy she has been flirting with and has had a bad relationship in the past with. She is willing to give him a second chance and is showing that she is not afraid to move on if things should turn bad. Make sure you listen to this song in your free time.

5. "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten- This is by far the most empowering song of the century. Rachel sings about how she is becoming strong in her life based on past experiences. She is ready to prove to the world that she will take back her life, that she is all right, and that she is going through life with more confidence than ever before. This song is also a good song for breast cancer awareness as it shows exceptional strength and perseverance through hard times. Prepare to be inspired and blown away by this wonderful song.

There are so many more songs out there, but these are a few that you should definitely hear. Pump up your summer with these fantastic songs and melodies, but don’t be afraid to try other songs and genres of music. Have a musical summer!

Student Technology Showcase by Brennan V.

Students from St. Louise traveled to Harrisburg, PA for the PAECT Student Technology Showcase. There were many other schools that attended this program, and showed how they use their technology in their schools. STL students presented the app Touchcast, which allows the user to add vapps or video apps. It also has whiteboard, green screen effect, and sound effects. There were high schools and colleges there. This was a great opportunity for all students that were present, and I hope St. Louise has another chance to do this again.

Job Shadowing Experience by Maeve S.

In eighth grade, we are required to write a research paper on a possible job choice of ours. One of the ways we can get information is by shadowing someone at their job. I wrote my report on the career of a professional ballet dancer. On April 10th, 2015, I went down to the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre to shadow Julia Erickson, a Principal Dancer. Downtown, I learned about the normal day of a dancer and what all goes into preparing for a show. I was given the opportunity to sit in during classes and rehearsals and take notes on everything. It was a very memorable day and I learned that being a ballet dancer is the career for me.

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PRESIDENTIAL AWARD WINNERS: Grace B., Elli D., Abby C., Griffin G., Lauren G., Catie H., Rachel R., Danny S., Maeve S., Seth S., Clare B., Jenna D., Megan K., Lydia L., Maddy M., Ben O., Alina O., Jenni P., and Shannon R.. (Presidential Award Recipients are pictured at right.)


Alex G., Catie H., Abby C., Chris K., Danny S., Maddy M., and Clare B..





"Passing of the Torch" by Elli D. and Catie H.

Passing of the Torch is an annual event at St. Louise that was started in 2012. Each year, the graduating eighth grade class and the current seventh grade class participate in this symbolic event. It starts with the seventh and eighth grade at mass along with the rest of the student body. Each eighth grade student receives a lit candle and each seventh grader receives an unlit candle. An eighth grader lights a seventh grader’s candle with their own flame, and then blows their own out.

Passing of the Torch is a very symbolic moment for the eighth grade. It shows the eighth grade giving their leadership to each seventh grade student who will need it in the upcoming year as the new eighth grade. It is now a tradition that the eighth and seventh graders look forward to each year and something we all will never forget.

Our Final Days at St. Louise by Brouklin A.

As we approach our final days at St. Louise, we reflect on all of the memories we have shared. From the first day of Kindergarten to our fastly approaching graduation, we have experienced so many wonderful things. The friends we have made, the teachers that have helped us along the way, and the activities that kept us busy. These are just a few of the things I will miss as I depart from this amazing school.

Kindergarten was the year of fun. The teachers were great as well as the snacks and naps. I remember sitting in a circle and learning how to write my letters and numbers.

1st grade was the year of learning. I remember learning to read and write. This was the year that I read my first Dr. Suess book .

2nd grade was the year of friends. As we learn and grow we meet new people and made friends that will last us a lifetime.

3rd grade was the year of decisions. Growing up fast. We need to decide what we are going to do. We decided our careers and found out why this was the career for us.

4th grade was the year of laughs. As a class we grew closer. We learning to make jokes and laugh at the simple things.

5th grade was the year of adventures. We made it to the lower level. Now we start a new adventure. We also ventured to the NASA space center to complete a space mission.

6th grade was the year of growing. We are becoming young adults growing and maturing. We are about to enter the big leagues of St. Louise.

7th grade was the year of change. As we start this new and exciting chapter of our lives, we learn to work harder and take everything more seriously.

8th grade is the year of goodbyes. As our final year at St. Louise comes to a close, we know that St. Louise has prepared us for everything that high school has in store for us. In exactly 9 days we will be graduated from this school, with nothing left to do but say goodbye.

K-8 Memories by Maddy M. and Vanessa P.

Homeroom Teachers for each year are listed in Bold.

K: Mrs. Wodarek and Mrs. Klinar, Having Mrs. Powers as a friend, Met new friends, New experience, Everyone always wanted to be in the middle of the “U” table at naptime, Everyone always wanted to color with the pink marker with a green cap

1: Mrs. Boccardi and Miss Gillis, Mrs. Ravella and Mrs. Major, No homework, Learning new things, Made more friends, Old cafeteria, Dr. Seuss Day, 4th grade buddies

2: Mrs. Lorence and Mrs. Cugini, Mrs, Barone and Mrs. Roni, Holy Communion, Math with Buzz, Prince Charming and Gruffy, A.R., Treasure chest, Growing butterflies, Student of the Week, 8th grade pen pals

3: Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Poerio, SRA, Career Day, Quiz for Candy, Magic Show, Flat Stanley, Ghost of 204, Multiplication Tables, Talent show in 206, Cookie walk

4: Mrs. Satter and Mrs. Rowles, SRA, Life Savers with Mrs. Rowles, Storytime, STL basketball, Little library in the back of the room, 4 square at recess

5: Mrs. Whisker and Mrs. Lydon, Science Olympiad, Mrs. Lydon auctioning off all of her cows, NASA trip, Science labs, Heritage project, 1st year of being downstairs

6: Mrs. Bentz and Mrs. Zaremba, JR’s from Mrs. Bentz, Grandparents’ Day, Lit circles with Mrs. J, Electives while Church was being renovated, Graduating from DARE, City of Ember mural, Field Day, CPR, Seder Meal, Temple trip, Stock market, Book buddies, 1st teen center, Sparkle

7: Mrs. Scherer and Ms. Valenti, Being in Junior High, Low Ropes, Mr. Satter’s nature walk, Snowball Dance, Ski trip, Passing of the Torch, Stupid stickers, Ice skating party, STEM catapults, Science labs, Drama and Stage Crew, Hiding in the back room, Midterms and Finals, Math with Mr. Martin, Forensics

8: Mr. Satter, Mrs. Li, Mr. Martin and Ms. Scheller, Last year at STL, Being in Mr. Satter’s last class, Having Mr. Martin take over as homeroom teacher and Miss Scheller taking over Religion, 2nd grade pen pals, Last Race for Education., Having indoor recess in the gym, Snowball Dance, Halloween bowling party, High Ropes, Poopsie and Mad Cow, Satter challenges and religion games, Jenna’s Jokes of the Day, Christmas Choral Concert, IXL, Ceramic crosses and bowls in Art, Romulus and Remus Latin skit, Fairy tale Christmas Carol and The Lion King productions, Final year of stage crew, Forensics, PJAS, Myth exam, Exploratory Latin exam, Quizlet, Glogster, Kahoot, Nearpod, Google docs/slides, Chromebooks, To Kill A Mockingbird and The 5 People You Meet In Heaven, Hour of Code, Screen Free Week, Keystone exams, Midterms and Finals, Ski trip, May Crowning, Graduation

Latin Class Skit on Legendary Founding of Rome

Founding of Rome Skit STL

Surviving Mr. Martin's Math Class by Sean W., Cory H., and Jacob W.

We are all Eighth Graders in St. Louise de Marillac School, and we all know how to survive Mr. Martin’s Math Class. Always do your homework and your re-do’s. Re-do opportunities will really help your grade after your tests. The supplies that you must have for the classes are crucial. You must always have sharpened pencils, a ruler, and graph paper. Without theses materials you will not be able to take the test that day and you will have to stay after school to take it. If you are ever confused about anything you are learning, you can always go to Mr. Martin's room during lunch/recess or after school for help. He will always be there to help you no matter what the situation is. Do not be afraid to ask questions in class.

May Crowning by Madi R. and Rachel R.

May Crowning is a celebration honoring our Blessed Mother, Mary. On May first the entire school gathers to help the eighth grade honor Mary. We celebrate on May first because May is the month of Mary. We dedicate the month of May because it is the month of new life. May is also the month of motherhood. Mary is the mother of Jesus and the month of May seemed like the correct choice as her month. Mary deserves an appropriate dedication because of her exalted role in our religion.
May Crowning is a very special event for the entire school. But it is especially important to the eighth graders. As the oldest students in the school, the eighth grade uses May Crowning as an end of the year event in which they honor Mary. During the mass, the eighth graders participate by reading the readings, taking up the gifts, and saying a special prayer to Mary. There are also some special jobs, such as being on the May Crowning Court. The girls involved in this carry up the prayer book, flowers for Mary, and Mary’s crown. One young lady is May Queen, who has the privilege of crowning Mary. All of the eighth graders dress up in suits and dresses, but we remember the main point of May Crowning, which is to honor the Blessed Mother.

May Crowning by Macey M.

May Crowning was a great accomplishment for the 8th grade class. The class looked amazing with the boys in their nice suits and the girls in their pretty dresses. Everyone was nervous but excited at the same time. The boys walked down first, two at a time. Then it was the same thing for the girls until it was the Court's turn. Jenna Dinkfelt was the flower girl and walked down first by herself. Then the girl to carry down the book was Catherine Rainone. Followed by Lydia Lucas who carried Mary’s crown. I was the Queen and walked down last.

Once Jordan Weiss and Nick Majkic finished their reading, the boys carrying the statue of Mary processed down the aisle with Fr. Joe.

Fr. Joe had a nice homily about bridesmaids, some who were foolish and others who were smart. Then the court stood up and went to the statue of Mary. Fr. Joe brought Lydia forward as he blessed the crown. She handed it to me and I put the crown on Mary’s head. Once the Eucharist was finished, the 8th grade said a prayer thanking Mary and venerating her led by your’s truly. After I laid the flowers by Mary’s feet, Jenna and I sat down. Mass went by quickly after that and the 8th graders went outside to take what felt like one million pictures. Our parents and teachers were proud of us when the day ended.


Bracelets were a fad with the 8th graders this year.

Photo by Madison Z.

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"English Festival" by Alexis G.

English Festival is a friendly competition for 7th graders to high school students. For English Festival, the students read six novels over the course of seven months and are required to answer trivia questions, role play in a talk show, and give literary responses to an insight question. These small groups of students take part in these festivities at Duquesne University in May. If your group wins any competition like Insights, Talk Show, or Trivia, you can pick out a free book.

This year’s English Festival was another positive experience just like last year. I believe that this year's eighth grade was more relaxed and it was a lot less stressful than last year when we were in seventh grade. I didn’t really get to interact with the seventh grade at Duquesne, but from my own experiences from last year, I believe that they could have been curious or possibly a little nervous and stressed. Last year the featured author was David Lubar, the author of Sleeping Freshman Never Lie. This year, we had the author of Private Svoboda, Steven Roberts. This years' speech well formulated, kept your interest and gave good information for young writers.
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A Legendary Teacher by Maddy M., Lydia L., Angeline L., & Catherine R.

A huge part of everyone’s experience here at St. Louise, especially the 8th graders, is a teacher who has shaped our lives in more ways than one. Mr. Satter has been part of this school and church community for as long as anyone can remember, and he played a key part of teaching and guiding the students in their faith. His infectious laugh, dry humor, caring personality, fun class games and challenges, rivalry with 108, and his total awesomeness will be missed.

When we joined the St. Louise community, we always heard stories about the big, bad 8th grade teacher. But as we grew up, and met him in person, we found that these stories were ludicrous. On the first day of 8th grade, Mr. Satter made us feel at ease, always laughing and joking around with us. It was nice to know we could rely on such an amazing teacher, and it was a great way to begin our final year here at St. Louise.

He proved himself an amazing deacon, and he was always helpful to the students preparing for the next chapter of the Catholic faith. For the 8th grade, Apologetics and Confirmation were right around the corner. He took every opportunity to prepare us, along with Jason Zych. The insight we gained from our faith has and always will be valuable to our lives in the future.

Mr. Satter wasn’t only our teacher, but our friend. He joked around with us, played games, and made our experience as 8th graders the most fun he could. He also discussed controversial church matters with us, and debated with us on different opinions about our Catholic faith. He taught us what the Church teaches. However, he accepted our different opinions and respected them.

So many people excelled with their faith because of Mr. Satter. People say he was “Legendary, and always in our hearts.” One of Mr. Satter’s longtime colleague of 38 years, Mrs. Lijewski, was also a longtime friend of his. They were both known for their friendly rivalries between their homerooms, and she says this of him, “After working with Mr. Satter for so long, he became more like my brother than co-worker.”

Where will our 8th graders be 20 year from now?

Gianna E.

Twenty years from now, I see myself as a 34-year-old woman. Hopefully, I will be an FBI agent. I’m not sure where I see myself but I know how I see myself. I am happy, carefree, and adventurous, as always! I hope to be well traveled and have lots of cultural experience. This may or may not be accurate, but I think I will live in a Victorian house, in an urban area. I could also see myself in a cozy apartment set in an urban area.

Ashlyn S.

20 years from now, I will want to live in either New York or West Virginia. I want to either be a psychologist or a prosecuting attorney. I would like to be married with three kids and live in a nice sized house in a nice neighborhood.

Chris K.

In 20 years, I will hopefully be at a job in cyber security. I will be married and have two kids, and will live in a mansion.

Griffin G.

In 20 years from now I will own my own research and development company. I will be married and have three to four kids. I will have a dog named Sparky. I will live somewhere in Attsburg.

Abby C.

In 20 years Abby will be 34 years old. After college, she will work in the medical field. She will get married at the age of 23. She met him in college and they are now co- workers. They moved into a small apartment and saved up money to have kids. While saving up money they fostered animals in their home. Eventually they will have 7 kids: 3 of their own kids, 2 boys and 1 girl, named Tobias, Ashton, and Carter. She will adopt 2 children: 1 boy and 1 girl and name them Zalley and Cullen. They will all live in a beautiful cottage in the woods. She will have 2 more children of her own: twins, 1 boy and 1 girl, Kristofer and Katherine.

Jenni p.

20 years from now…

Jenni Pitts will be a successful anesthesiologist. She will live in a big house with her family. She will still be living in Pittsburgh and will play volleyball in her free time.

Sydney M.

I will be a sports broadcaster for ESPN. Living in Toronto, Canada with my 5 kids named Audrey, Colby, Hartley, Aria, and Dean (2 girls and 3 boys) and my husband who will be playing in the NHL.

Lydia L.

20 years from now…

I shall declare that I, Lydia, will be settled in Pittsburgh, PA …. I will become an architect and build my own house, which will be totally awesome. I will also build a unicorn statue in the middle of my town. I will make parody musicals which will be hilarious. I will visit my friend, Catherine’s theme park, Kennywood regularly for free. I will have a robotic dragon that can shoot fire and fly. I will build a school named Pig Arts, which will be on Mars. I will travel there by my dragon. I will be married to Matt Smith.

Dax P.

20 years from now Dax is going to be an architect. He will be creating cool buildings like baseball stadiums, amusement parks, and museums. He will be married with 3 boys. The boys would be athletes with good grade. They will all live in the suburbs with a nice house. They also have a pet dog named Bronte. His sons’ names are going to be Carson, Trey, and Johnny.

David R.

David sees himself owning property for hunting and fishing with his dad, mom, and brother, and Jim. Also, the vehicle David will be owning in the future is a 4 - wheel drive, Chevy Colorado or a Silverado 1500, 2500 or 3500. David would also like to own two dogs.

Elli D.

Twenty year from now, I will be living in Pittsburgh, PA. I will have a wonderful husband and three kids (two boys and one girl). I will be a teacher at a Catholic elementary school. My best friends will be the ones I met at St. Louise and we will hang out often. I will send my kids to a Catholic school, preferably St. Louise de Marillac.

Jenna D.

In 20 years from now, Jenna will be married to Harry Styles. Jenna will also be a nurse in London. Her roommate will be Sam Dinh. Also, she will have 3 children. Harry and Jenna will be the best couple and their family will be lovely. She will be best friends with One Direction forever.

Sam D.

In 20 years, Sam Dinh will be married to Niall Horan. She will live in London and share a house with Jenna Dinkfelt. She will have three children, two boys and one girl. She will graduate from Stanford and be best friends with One Direction and 5SOS. She will be a Pharmacist in London.

Brennan V.

Brennan Valladares will be on Mars living in a large bubble with Will Smith and his family. Brennan will be an attorney for all alien civilians. Brennan and Will are going to have enough money to completely buy out Mars and create a new species. The species will be called Platy-Humans.

Sean S.

Twenty years from now, Sean will be married with at least two children, one boy and one girl. Sean will own his own business and will never have to work because everyone will do his work for him. He will live in a large house with a huge backyard and a very large pool.

Sam C.

20 years from now, Sam expects to have a good job and a big house. He also expects to be married and maybe have children.

Alina O.

Alina Owsiany will have graduated as the valedictorian from Carnegie Mellon University. She now has a job at Columbia Gas as a field chemical engineer. She has her own apartment decorated to her taste. In her apartment is a kitten and a puppy that she loves. On her days off she plays with them, takes them on walks, and goes to the archery range to practice when she does not have to work.

Paige M.

In 20 years from now, Paige Mattes hopes to get married and have two children. She would like to continue to play tennis and run with her husband and children in her free time. She hopes to graduate from Duquesne University with a degree in nursing.

Jake W.

Jake Wano will be the richest man alive inventing the mini-jet. He will shower in money, swim in money, and give money to the poor.

Henry C.

20 years from now, Henry expects himself to have a well paying job as a computer engineer. He will live in Pittsburgh, and game in his leisure time. Henry will live in a huge house with a 100 inch - surround sound television.

Angeline L.

20 years from now, Angeline hopes to be married with 5 children. She also hopes to traveled through ¾ of Europe and Asia with her closest friend, Alexis Gohring. Angeline also hopes to joined the Army and prepare for her 5th tour in the now peaceful Columbia.

Sean W.

20 years from now, Sean will be living in the woods with his own energy source. He will be alone with a TV, phone, and phone charger. Sean will be one with the animals and have a fort.

Alaina C.

20 years from now Alania Cooper will be a successful dance teacher, speech pathologist and mom. She hopes to have 3 children. She would be living in NYC and part of a dance company.

Colin M.

Colin Mclinden will be out of the Army and now will have 4 boys. He will coach them in Basketball and Football. He and his wife live in an average house in a great community. He is looking to start a career as an FBI Agent to further support his family. He has 3 dogs, 2 bulldogs and 1 German Shepherd. Trevone and Buster are the Bulldogs and Floyd is the German Shepherd.

Ben O.

20 years from now he will be married with 4 children. He will be a sports broadcaster in southern California and live in a nice house.

Peyton S.

Peyton Schaffer will be a professional tennis player 20 years from now. She will be number one in the world. She will be married and have two kids. She will live in a giant mansion with butlers. She will be best friends with Iggy Azalea, the Janoskians, and all of her friends now. She will be best friends with Genie Bouchard and they will play doubles together. She will still be very close with her family.

Cory H.

In 20 years Cory Hardinger will be a successful anesthesiologist and will live in Pittsburgh. He has a vacation house in Hawaii and will drive a blue porsche. Jake Wano will build him a house. Sean Werner will build him an assistant robot. Brennan Valladares will be his lawyer just in case of emergency. Jake will make Cory and Sean their own personal Jet and they will all meet with Brennan on Mars. They will all retire and live on Mars.

Alexis G.

In 20 years, Alexis Gohring will be living in northern California and will own a multi-million dollar horse farm. Alexis will own many international first-ranked Oldenburg eventers, Dutch Warmblood show jumpers, and Friesians. Alexis will be married and will have 2 children. She will be one of off those obsessive soccer moms. She will also own a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala. She will travel through ¾ of Asia and Europe with her close friend, Angeline Lorenz.

Catherine R.

Catherine will still live in Pittsburgh as millionaire who bought out Kennywood. She would expand the park and add new rides. There would be cool attractions like a water park and more thriller roller coasters

Alex G.

Alex will be seen driving a mustang in South Carolina to his job as an architect. On the weekend, he’ll be relaxing on the beach and roaming the nautical stores and walking on the boardwalk. On his vacations, he’ll visit the cool forested land of Maine.

Vanessa P.

20 years from now Vanessa Peretin will be married and have kids. Also, her husband will be Harry Styles. Vanessa will be living somewhere in the US, but she will travel to England very often. She will still be close with all of her (best) friends now, but will make many new friends too. Some new friends’ will include: Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Zac Efron. One of her children will also be named Colten.

Clare B.

20 years from now, Clare Brdar will be a 2nd grade teacher. She will also be married to Liam Payne. Clare will be living in the Us but she will be traveling to England often. She will remain close to her friends now but she she will make new friends as well. Some of the new friends will include: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Riker Lynch.

Megan K.

In 20 years from now, Megan Karrenbauer will be in some state on the West Coast being a successful business woman, with her kids and living in a gated community with her huge house.

Maddy M.

Maddy Mustin will be a famous teen novelist living in London, England. She will also be a well-known playwright who also performs with a theater company/group. She will be married and raise 3 children. Their family will live in a not too busy part of London and will have 2 dogs.

Dorian D.

20 years from now, Dorian DiCenso will be a chef. He will make food for a lot of people. He will own a mansion and a Ferrari. He will be super rich.

What We Leave Behind...

I, Gianna E., do hereby bequeath to Luke M. the responsibility of semi-obnoxiously saying “Hello!” to Mrs. Scherer each and every time he comes in contact with her. Also, I ask that you do this with charisma and hilarity. Thank you.

I, Brouklin A., do hereby bequeath to the 2015-2016 Varsity cheerleading squad my determination to be the best I can be and beat St. Gabe’s in Diocesan.

I, Grace B., do hereby bequeath to Brooke, my second grade pen pal, my gratitude and great memories we spent together.

I, Maddie Z., do hereby bequeath to my second grade pen pal. Brooke my appreciation and gratitude towards St. Louise.

I, Sydney M., do hereby bequeath to Becket P., Hannah W., and Casey O. my stupid stickers.

I, Nicholas M., do hereby bequeath to the seventh grade my research binder.

I, Sarah F., do hereby bequeath to my friend Anna, who is in kindergarten, my dedication towards school and activities.

I, Amanda W., do hereby bequeath to Becket P. my special pencil.

I, Celine B., do hereby bequeath to Mrs. Li my undying appreciation of letting us play games, giving us stupid stickers, and being the best homeroom teacher a student could have.

I, Abby C., do hereby bequeath to Mr. Martin my thankfulness for getting me ahead of my studies and teaching me what math truly is.

I, Ashlyn S., do hereby bequeath to the 2015-2016 eighth grade class the hope that they will have many good memories from their years at St. Louise.

I, Seth S., do hereby bequeath to my sisters, Audrey and Evelyn, my advice, guidance, and luck.

I, Andrew John Y., do hereby bequeath to Regis M. my gifts.

I, Vinny C., do hereby bequeath to sixth grade a whole packet of graph paper.

I, Eva P., do hereby bequeath to Mrs. Scherer my appreciation for making me laugh everyday.

I, David P., do hereby bequeath to Anthony P. my well done research binder to assist him in all his future projects and assignments.

I, Chris K., do hereby bequeath to Lucas stupid stickers.

I, Antonio James L., do hereby bequeath to Brock, my second grade pen pal, my gifts.

I, Macey Marie M., do hereby bequeath to Ms. Valenti all of my appreciation for helping me overcome my stage fright and helping me with my research paper.

I, Elli D., do hereby bequeath to Will Da. all of my class notes from junior high.

I, Griffin G., do hereby bequeath to Cullen G. all my stupid stickers and awesomeness.

I, Rachel R., do hereby bequeath to all of the younger students my advice to be respectful, do your homework, and have fun throughout your years at St. Louise.

I, Maeve S., do hereby bequeath to Sofia W. my encouragement and support to get through these next few rough years.

I, Danny S., do hereby bequeath to Mr. Martin my gratitude for making me a better student with IXL.

I, Caitie H. do hereby bequeath to Pete Hassett my advice to enjoy these years here at St. Louise for they will be gone before you know it.

I, Ian C., do hereby bequeath to Mr. Martin my undying appreciation for educating me to the best of my abilities.

I, John Sc., do hereby bequeath to the seventh grade my research binder.

I, Madison R., do hereby bequeath to Camryn Rice my love and dedication to the St. Louise de Marillac cheer squads.

I, Lauren G., do hereby bequeath to Jack Guzowski my math folder.

I, Sammi C., do hereby bequeath to Joshua my protractor.

Thanks by Megan K.

Our journey at St. Louise is coming to an end

and our final day is nearby.

Although it is something we wish we could suspend.

it is time to say thank you and goodbye.

Thank you first to the teachers and faculty

for pushing me to do my best.

for showing me sometimes in life there will be difficulty

and helping me everyday without a rest.

Thank you next to my classmates throughout the years

for helping me to learn, mature, and grow.

For being with me through the good times and tears

and for being some of the best people I will ever know.

Thank you my parents

for not letting me lose sight of what is right.

For giving me my most important guidance

and for putting up with me even when I'm not acting very bright.

Thank you to the priests

for being some of the best preachers.

Listening to your homilies were weekly treats

and for being some of my most important teachers.

Thank you to God

without you none of us would have ever been together.

For loving me no matter if I'm normal or odd

and for the memories I will cherish forever.

Graduation Thank You by Alina O.

This day marks the end of the short time we had of childhood, but it also marks the beginning of our adult lives. When we first started at St. Louise, we were young children. We were growing and learning, we were still under construction. Like a home or building, we would have fallen over without the support of our teachers . But now, we are complete structures and no longer need that support. Our foundation is strong, our walls our solid, and our roof is finished. All that is left is the finishing touches. We will certainly miss our support structure and sometimes wish it was still there, but we are confident and ready to stand tall on our own. And so, I would like to thank all of those people who helped lay the foundations for the eighth grade class.

I would like to thank my family and the families of all the eighth graders. I know my family has been extremely supportive of me throughout the year, even in my toughest times, and I also know every eighth grader has had the support of their family throughout this year. Thank you to all the faculty and teachers. You have encouraged us to grow in every way and helped us learn from our mistakes to keep us strong as a class. I also want to thank my classmates for an incredible, memorable year, helping me grow in my studies and social abilities. They truly are a gift from God. God has lead us through this year and blessed us with many gifts like the people in our lives who care about us and construct us into better people. I would like to thank God for all his blessings.

Everyone in our lives has worked to make us a better person. Our success at St. Louise came from hard work and the support of the people around us that built us into the people we are today. Sometime in our lives we will add on to ourselves or even renovate, but we will never lose our foundation from St. Louise.

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