Well the cause is people are too poor to buy it. they want it but the temptation takes over and they steal it. They think that the risk is worth the reward. they usually are on drugs. Most of the time they steal drugs. this could be prevented by if you know you don’t have any money just don’t go to the store. they usually have to steal it because they have no money and they think they are better than other people. the negative affect is huge because the shoplifters can go to jail. then they can’t get a really good job. They could go to prison if they stole something with great value. and you can’t really do anything with your life after that unless you really try to improve.
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Positive;Let people know how they can be affected positively if you don’t shoplift. But also kind of show them the negative side to.

Negative;Um tell people how if they shoplift it could result into prison time but usually jail time. The cops are always called. you can’t ever go to that store again. and you usually can get in some serious trouble.

  1. Was It bad enough people can remember you

  2. How many people shoplift in a year usually

  3. How much money does it take to go to jail

  4. Why do people shoplift

  5. What is the Main thing stolen