The Lower School Is Going Google!

The Wardlaw-Hartridge School

Our Lower School Students Will Soon Have Their Very Own Google Drive

Students will have access to their student work, calendars, and collaborative tools to create documents, presentations, forms, spreadsheets, drawings, and sites whenever they have access at any time, from most types of devices.

Students will maintain access to their Google Drive as they move from grade to grade with The Wardlaw-Hartridge School.

Our young people will use the tools in Google Drive across the curriculum. They will use them to create & collaborate.

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The Newsletter version

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This screen shot within The Wardlaw-Hartridge Google Drive shows all of the tools our students will have access to.

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Every student will be bringing home a Google Drive Student Card.

This card will contain their "Sign In" information. Each student will have their own "Username" and "Password" that is specific to them.
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Who will teach the students about Google Drive?

Erin Maciorowski, the Lower School Technology Integrator, will introduce Google Drive to all elementary students during their time in class. She will be introducing all of the tools within Google Drive through presentations, fun activities, and meaningful lessons that tie directly to the curriculum.

Will the students have access to Google Drive outside of school?

One of the best things about the children having their own Google Drive is that they will have access to these tools outside of school too. They will be able to access all of the tools at home and anyplace they are connected online.

To be clear, the students do not have active email accounts. They only have access to share with their teachers and peers within The Wardlaw-Hartridge School.

Lower School students will not be able to email outside the parameters of Wardlaw-Hartridge. Gmail is an available feature in the suite of Google Drive applications, but most items can be "shared" for collaboration without using email. Instruction will be focused on

students accessing their work, calendars, and collaborative tools to create documents, presentations, forms, spreadsheets, drawings, and sites.

How do the students get to Google Drive? How do we find it at home?

Google Drive can be accessed from home by going to There are also apps available for your smartphone or tablet.

The demands on our students demand that we introduce google drive.

Google Drive works on any device so no matter where our students are, they have access to their work.

Students have unlimited storage for documents, presentations, drawings, and photos.

Students have a central location to store all classwork, and can collaborate on projects with other students.

Flash drive are no longer necessary to transport work or switch devices.

Students will learn valuable lessons on digital citizenship and digital file management/organization.

Teachers and students can easily share items back and forth for revisions and updates.

Lower School students are able to utilize the chrome books and laptops in addition to the iPads while their work stays in one spot.

Students will be introduced to many of the programs required in Middle and Upper School.

You Might Be Asking....."And who is going to teach me about Google Drive?"

The video below will help you understand Google Drive (Docs) and the tools it includes. YouTube is also chock-full of informational videos and tutorials on using Google Drive and its benefits in an educational setting.

Also, please let us know if you have any other questions. We will be happy to teach you about Google Drive too.

Google Docs in Plain English

You can contact Mrs. Maciorowski or a member of the Technology Department with any questions. They will be happy to answer them.