Alessandra Vargas

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This is a picture of a asteroid that estimates 150 feet and 45 meters across in 2012 Day 14 and scientist also estimated from their if their was gonna be one in Feb 15 2013.And they got a good estimate about if their was gonna be an asteroid almost hitting the earth.They also made a good calculation and number and all that.
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When was the first asteroid discovered?

The first asteroid was discovered in 1801
NASA: Asteroid Will Not Hit Earth
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Asteroid landing in Russia.

This is an asteroid landing in asteroid .

You could see it because it's dark outside and the asteroid is bright and you can't see it in the sunlight.

People also could see it when they were driving.

Massive Russian Meteorite Explosion Caught On Tape, Injuries Reported - 2/15/2013

Asteroid in Russia 2/15/2013

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Asteroid passing through Russia.

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Asteroid landing in new york

✔NASA's Advice If Asteroid Heads For New York City: 'Pray'

Asteroid in new york

NASA Explores Ancient Asteroid Deep in Space