Come to San Juan de Pasto

The beutiful surprise city of Colombia. (superlative)

What is the city like?

Pasto is located on the south-west of Colombia. It is a small cold city. This city is really clean so there is not pollution on the air. It is a bit ancient in the middle of the city and on the north it is modern. It is not overpopullated, it has the second biggest population in the pacific. This city is really beautiful because of its rich architecture

Attractions (there is, there are)

There is a beautiful lake. It is called "Guamues" lake. It is located two hours away from the city.
There are at least three museums in the city. They are called: museo del oro, casona de Taminango and Museo del Carnaval.

The museum of the Carnaval is located on the north of the city. There you can find float models from different years.

There are at least four theatres, the most beautiful of them is the Imperial theatre. It is an ancient beautiful theatre.

There are some beautiful parks. One of them is called “Chimayoy”. It’s located one hour away from th city, towards the southeast of it.

Products (three products, Passive voice)

Barniz de Pasto: these are wood products which are painted. This is really beautiful and valued all over the world.

Leather: This material is widely processed in the city. Leather is made into bags, jackets, purses and wallets which are sold all over the country.

Tamo: this is a type of wood which is transformed into chairs and tables. this good is really thin.

Cuy: this is a small animal which is cooked on fire.

You can use verbs sucha as: Prepare design cook cultivate

Important people

Mayor: this is the person who is elected to make desicions about the city. (describe two important people in the city)

Guaneña: this is a woman who represents Female fighters from Pasto.


Morasurco: This is a place where you can swim, you can also go for a walk.

Intercontinental hotel. (give instructions to go to the place.
In order to get there. You have go down one block, Then, turn left and go down along four(4) blocks.
After that, you have to turn right and go up. It's on the left.

Go straight, go the corner

How many bedrooms are there in the hotel? (three questions with how many and answers)
There are alot of bedrooms.
How many bathrooms are there per bedroom?
There are a few bathrooms in the double bedrooms.
How many maids are there in the hotel?
There are some maids.

How much much fun is there in the hotel? (Three questions with how much and answers)
There is a lot of fun.
How much boredom is there in the hotel?
There is a little bit of boredom.
How much joy is there? There is some.

How much is a can of beer? It is three euros thirty cents. (you have to mention three prices with the three currencies)
Three pounds, ten pence.
Three dollars, fifty cents.