Civil War Battles

By: Noah Starrette


Gettysburg was fought on july 1st thru july 3rd in 1863 around the town of Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The war was fought between the Union and Confederate soldiers, Gettysburg is said to have the most casualties of the entire war. Abraham Lincoln was the president thru the whole entire civil war.


Fredericksburg was fought between General Robert E Lee's confederate army vs the Union army of the potomac led by General Ambrose Burnside. General Burnside wanted to cross the Rappahannock river at Fredericksburg to get to Richmond before General Lee's army did. But delays held back Burnsides plan and Lee blocked the crossing the Union later had to cross under fire and they seceded into the Confederate army.


The battle of Vicksburg was the one of the final war of the Vicksburg campaign in the civil war. General Ulysses S. Grant and his army crossed into Mississippi and drove the Confederate army back. This cut off the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas from the rest of the Confederacy and also cut off the communication of the confederate forces in the Trans-Mississippi Department for the rest of the war.

Kansas Nebraska Act.

This created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska. It opened up new land for settlement for white males through popular sovereignty. The act was regarding if there should slaves or a free slave state. The act was designed by Stephen A. Douglas. The original purpose was for the Transcontinental Railroad and for thousand of farming land.