Bedminster Bobcat

June 2019

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June 5 – Grade 5 trip to Camp America

June 7 – Grade 4 trip to Harrisburg

June 11 – AM Kindergarten Celebration – 9:10 AM – cafeteria entrance

June 11 – PM Kindergarten Celebration – 2:30 PM – cafeteria entrance

June 12 – TAKES PRIDE Assembly – 10:00 AM

June 14 – K-5 Awards Assembly – 9:30 AM

June 14 – Study Island Luau – Gr. 3, 4 & 5 – afternoon (pavilion or cafeteria)

June 17 – Fifth Grade Farewell – 9:30 AM - gymnasium

June 18 –Last Day for students (full day)

Summer Office Hours

June 24, 2019 - August 9, 2019

Monday - Thursday 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Due to summer renovations, please call 215-795-2929 prior to visiting the school.

Over the summer, Bedminster will undergo renovations. Included in the renovations are paving of the main entrance to the building. Please know that the front entrances to the building will be closed. Please be sure to call the main office at 215-795-2929, if you plan to visit Bedminster this summer.

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.

Enjoy your summer!

Mrs. DiPaolo
Bedminster Principal

OPEN HOUSE - 2019-2020

Kindergarten - Second Grade Tuesday, August 27th 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Third Grade - Fifth Grade Wednesday, August 28th 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Meet the Teacher - Thursday, August 29th time to be determined.


Please refrain from parking in the fire lane. In case of an emergency, this is the only access to our building for emergency vehicles and personnel. We have two visitors' parking spaces, which we ask you use when visiting the school. We thank you, in advance, for your cooperation ensuring our students' and staffs' safety.


If a student in grades 1-5 arrives after 8:48 AM, parents will be asked to drive around to the front of the building and escort their child into the building to complete the appropriate tardy information. Since teachers are taking attendance promptly at 8:50 a.m., students must be in their homerooms by 8:50 AM. Students arriving after 8:48 a.m. are considered tardy.


In order to better track attendance at the elementary school level, we request that parents/guardians telephone the attendance office or email the school attendance email address by 8:30 AM on the morning of your child’s absence (you may even leave a message the evening before if you know your child is going to be absent).

School Attendance Line: (215)795-2929 press 1

School Attendance Email:

Your call/email will go directly into the attendance office to report the absence and the email will generate to all office staff to make sure it is recorded properly. This will eliminate a computer-generated notification call being placed to your designated emergency telephone number.

Whether you are emailing or calling on the phone: please provide the child’s name, the parent/guardian’s name, relationship to child, and the reason for the absence (sick, funeral, etc.). Your telephone message/email correspondence will eliminate the need for you to send an absence note in with your child on the morning of their return. If your child will be out multiple days, please call the attendance office each morning of the absence.

Should there be a need to pick your child up early, you can use the email option or call the attendance line to notify the office staff during the day. These notifications should be sent as early as possible in the day and not after 2:00 PM. Please copy your child’s teacher to the email so that they will be aware of the change in dismissal.

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In an effort to help keep your child safe, we ask parents to update emergency information every year. To update your child's information, go to Bedminster 's website, click on the "For Parents" tab and then select "PowerSchool Portal". If you have any difficulties with accessing the portal, contact Ms. Barndt. We thank you for your attention to this very important matter.


You can access the Bedminster Calendar through the Bedminster Webpage. Click on the tab “FOR PARENTS” and choose monthly calendar. You are able to view more than one month on the calendar. Click on the event to see more details. Mrs. Barndt updates the calendar daily.



2019 - 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Each school day, two Lunchroom Monitors volunteer to assist students from 11:25 AM-1:10 PM. Ms. Barndt is in the process of compiling email addresses for Sign-up Genius.

Would you enjoy seeing your child at lunch and helping children who need things? It's a great way to meet your child's friends and encourage those who need a helping hand, or just a smile to brighten their day.

All lunchroom monitors must submit the following clearances: PA State Police Criminal Clearance, PA Child Abuse Clearance, Cogent receipt with date of fingerprinting and unofficial results for the FBI Fingerprinting Check.

You will be contacted by SIGN-UP GENIUS to sign-up for any available days. When you arrive, a Raptor Badge will be given to you. Then meet your "parent partner" in the lunchroom. There are buckets on top of the steel shelving unit at the far end of the lunchroom - they are filled with straws, napkins, utensils, etc. Please take one and get ready to greet the children.

For extra help, there is always a teacher on duty; he/she will handle dismissal and any discipline issues.

Preschool siblings are also welcomed (but must be supervised) and can enjoy visiting with their brothers/sisters during lunch.

If you are able to generously donate some of your time, please email the following information to Ms. Barndt at

Name: ___________________________________

Youngest Child’s Name: ___________________________________

Phone: _______________________


Comments: _______________________________________________________


Mrs. DiPaolo

Bedminster Principal

Ride-A-Trike for the Day

Mrs. DiPaolo and Mrs. Antonucci rode a tricycle for a day as a reward incentive for the students raising over $20,000 for the American Heart Association. Be sure to visit the website for pictures of this fun event.

Fifth Grade Farewell

Monday, June 17, 2019 – 9:30 AM – Gymnasium

All visitors will need a Raptor badge to enter the gymnasium for the Fifth Grade Farewell. The office will pre-print badges for parents who have returned the half sheet listing who will be attending. If your driver’s license has not been scanned, please feel free to stop by the office any day before the Farewell.

Counselor’s Corner

How to Help When Your Child Worries
Worry: a feeling of being unhappy and frightened about something
All children worry. Sometimes, the worrying can influence how children cope with everyday events. According to the CDC, the number of children experiencing anxiety is on the rise. The good news is that it is possible to teach children how to handle their feelings of worry. Learning to cope with feels of worry is a skill and requires practice when the child is NOT worried.
Physiological changes occur when a person is worried. Heart racing, palms sweating, tense muscles, butterflies in the stomach are a few examples of how the body responds to anxiety. Teaching children to recognize how their bodies feel is an important step in learning to control feelings of worry. Ask your children to draw a picture of themselves and identify the parts of their bodies experiencing sensations associated with worry.

Breathing and focusing on the here and now (also called grounding) can help regulate a person’s physiological responses to worry. Guide the child to take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. Repeat this breath at least two more times to help slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure and regain the ability to think before acting. Examples of grounding activities include:

• 5-4-3-2-1 Senses - Think of a favorite place or use your current location and verbally list
• 5 things you can see
• 4 things you can hear
• 3 things you can touch
• 2 things you can smell
• 1 thing you can taste

Re-Orientation – Ask the child to name a few things about the moment. My name is . . . I am in . . . The season is . . . I am wearing . These can be written on a card. These techniques will help them to focus on the here and now, feel connected in the present moment, control their breathing, and calm their bodies.

Help the child identify the trigger that causes the feeling of worry. Keep a log of the date, time and place. Once a child identifies the triggers, breathing and grounding exercises can begin to help manage the worry.

It is key for a person experiencing worry to be aware of the thoughts associated with the feeling. Ask the child “What are you thinking?’. A baseball player may think, “I’ll never hit the ball.” A few strategies include:
• Stop the Thought – Use a timer and signal the end of “worry time”. Picture the worry as a bug and imagine stomping on the bug (worry) to squash it and stop the worry. Imagine a red stop sign.
• Reframe the Thought – Help the student identify realistic expectations and recognize the power he/she has over the worry. “The shot may hurt but it will only be for a short time”. “ I am brave.”
• Redirect the thought – Think of a happy memory. Picture your favorite calm place. Focus on something you are looking forward to doing. Get creative – write, draw dance.
Help children learn what they can and cannot control. For things they can’t control, redirect their thoughts and use breathing to help calm them.

Teach children to use realistic and specific self-talk. “I am stronger than my worries.” “It may be work but I can accomplish this task.”
Remember that coping with worry is a skill and requires practice just like any other skill. The best time to practice these strategies is when the child is calm.



Would you like to work a few hours per day?

How about just a few hours per week?

No nights or weekends?

We are hiring cafeteria workers and substitute cafeteria workers now!

CALL 215-453-2767 for more info or apply online now at

The Pennridge School District is an Equal Opportunity Education Institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or handicap in its activities, programs, or employment practices as required by title VI, Title IX, and section 504, and the Americans Disabilities Act of 1990.

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PTG Events & Updates

The Bedminster PTG has completed the election process for the 2019-2020 school year. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Missy Schad, who has been selected to join the board for the position of Secretary. We are looking forward to having her join us!

We would also like to thank Erin Parsons for her 2 years of service in the same role. We will miss her steady viewpoint and countless contributions, especially behind the scenes. If you see her, be sure to thank her as well!


All volunteers must turn in the following 3 clearances before they are able to volunteer: PA State Police Criminal Clearance, PA Child Abuse Clearance, and Cogent receipt with date of fingerprinting.