Democratic Republic of Fabulousness

Prinon Shahed, Amy Reed, Aditi Mukund Period 1

Economy Type: Socialist

A socialist economy is an economy that would not only help the wealthy but also care for the middle class workers and others who might not prove able to cope with the strenuous competitive demands of a market economy. Instead of catering only to the very rich (Market Economy) and instead of giving the government complete control (Command Economy)

Benefits of Socialist Economy

  • The market would still be fairly open so the wealthy can thrive and prosper
  • Cares for the average joe blow & others that might not be able to get opportunities in the dog eat dog world of a market economy.

  • Provides free healthcare to everyone

  • free child care

  • good pensions

  • Best of both worlds

Location/Physical Geography

  • 200 miles off the coast of Florida, United States in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Large coastal area, temperate islands of warm, humid summers and wet, mild winters

  • Easy access to the US market, and any other in most of the western hemisphere

  • Fishing

  • Oil
  • Large Island the size of California

Type of Government: Social Democracy

A democratic welfare state that incorporates both capitalist and socialist practices. There are many advantages such as individual freedoms, a government that the people vote on and everyone agrees with, and the protection of minority groups and benefits for the poor. This would go alongside the economy in which the poor are cared for, and free healthcare is available for all. Social democrats generally support work and trade unions, free education and gender equality. Overall, the government would be peaceful which wouldn’t result in riots and tension between the citizens of the country and the politicians. It would be a very peaceful, patriotic state.