The Biggest In The Tundra

Scientist Discovered A New Animal

Remixed Animal Proposal

My remixed animal's ecosystem is the Tundra. My organism is mixed with a cow, bamboo, and a donkey. I mixed a donkey with a cow because when you need transportation you can ride it. I choose a donkey because the donkey wont get that tired and because it will give the cow speed. The donkey would also take a little weight from the cow so it will not be that big. I mixed a bamboo with it because it would grow taller.

Life about the Codonkeyboo

Life about the codonkeyboo

The codonkeyboo is my living remixed animal. It is adapted to live in the ecosystem. It is the best animal that live their. He hunts for its food when he gets hungry.
Tundra Biome
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