PTO General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

NES PTO General Board Meeting MINUTES

7pm NES Library

1. Principal/Teacher Updates:

  • Dance for Kindness – a huge undertaking, so many thanks to Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Weinstein, Ms. Antonelli, Mrs. Arner, Ms.Morris, Mrs. Soroka… It turned out to be an awesome thing to watch and it was a great message!
  • We will put a video up on the website and then we will post it – it’s all coming.
  • We also had Veterans Day - every class did something - looking back, it would be ideal to do Dance for Kindness on a different day.
  • We also had after school sports starting and a Shane Evans visit – he loves coming here – that was thanks to Mindy Popescu and Liz Dobuski.
  • We have CRED week. Also, Culture Fair is 11-12, NOT 11-2 - for 6th grade.
  • Reminder – conferences are 25th, 26th, 27th conferences until 12.
  • PTO will push the dates and times as well as Mr. King.
  • Thank you to the PTO for manning the table.
  • Report cards coming – if anyone has questions about Bridges Math, let Mr. King know.
  • Kids are getting excited about Night with your Knight.

2. Kidstuff Recap:

  • General Overview – there may still be some books coming, but we have already claimed a loss for any books not returned (we did not get back 24 books in the end).
  • The fundraiser was not as great as last year, but decent.
  • The difficult part is figuring out who ordered online and payment method.
  • For next year, we need to make it very clear that parents need to put child’s name and teacher’s name in the “sellers” box.
  • Is there a benefit for us to do an online formsite instead of using the Kidstuff Book website? The problem is that ours may be more expensive than theirs.
  • Overall we are happy with the outcome.
  • Additional help would be welcome next year.
  • Next year we can ask Kidstuff to make the online form a lot clearer.
  • Also, would be great if we can have a classroom competition for those that return all books or something next year – incentive to get all books back.
  • If anyone has feedback about Kidstuff books, communicate to Katherine Catona so she can send it along to the company. They are very open to feedback.

3. Box Tops Results/Reward:

  • Given we are transitioning between clipped and digital, we did really well.
  • Thank you to the teachers for allowing the Box Tops containers in the classrooms, it helps.
  • We will redistribute the containers later in the year before our next push in the spring.
  • The online submissions are going up, so people are catching on.
  • We have the big box in the lobby that people can submit clipped Box Tops at any time.
  • Was a reward for the whole school decision made? Mr. King will announce soon.
  • If people don’t want to get the app and scan receipts, we would be happy to collect the store receipts and scan them ourselves, the trick is to do it within the 14 days.

4. Drive-Thru Doughnuts:

  • We are doing a fundraiser with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
  • Families will order online $10/dozen.
  • We will pick up and hand them out at drop off in the morning Monday Nov. 25th.
  • We will also have a late pick up for parents that have to work until later.
  • Any teachers that order can pick theirs up in the office.

5. Secret Shop:

  • We have acquired almost all the inventory for the secret shop next month – we are also including a lot of customized items that is in production right now.
  • The same hallway will be used.
  • We have already sent out a sign-up genius for helpers. We have asked for more volunteers during the shopping times for the younger kids.
  • We will send out the preprinted envelopes again. Kids will come during recess again.
  • Suggestion - send the signup to the people who have asked to volunteer.
  • May we deliver those bags to the classrooms again this year? Yes, it works better that way.
  • We are wondering if there is a lockable space to store our secret shop items, possibly Mrs. Bloom’s old office? Shoot Mr. King an email to lock that down.
  • This year the sale is T,W,Th so that we can drop off items on Monday to lock up.

6. Playground:

  • We are looking to add some playground equipment that is more handicap accessible.
  • It is a big ticket item, so we met with Doug Taylor (Director of Facilities) and Bill Stone (Director of Business) to help decide what’s possible and to do it correctly.
  • We want it integrated so that kids with physical challenges can play WITH other kids without those challenges.
  • We have started the process - first to have the PA One Call to come out and mark utilities underground, etc.
  • We are talking about phases for this because of the cost – 100K or higher.
  • Right now the committee is looking at the possibilities.
  • We have a lot of people getting involved - the push behind it is going to be tremendous!
  • Should PTO look into fundraising to help? Yes, but in part, we are also looking into grants. Another way to help is to funnel the funds through the PTO, but there are rules and we need to look into that.
  • The origin of this started last year because we really don’t have the equipment for these children and we are trying to pull it together.
  • This playground may be dedicated to Xavier - we got Xavier Ross’ plaque will be placed on the side of the building.

7. Heritage Festival Update:

  • The festival – Saturday Nov. 23rd (11-2pm).
  • 16 tables are registered – we are still accepting registrations – we are hoping to get around 20/22 tables consistent with last year – we have countries from all over the world represented as well as a table for Judaism.
  • We are going to have food, music, dancing performances.
  • Please help us spread the word. We want this to be a Newtown event, not just our school.
  • Susan O’Grady from the district may send it out.
  • Mr. King will also send it out through his weekly message.
  • We wanted to have this event around Culture Day with 6th grade instead of February like last year, but we know this is a busy time of year.

8. Treasure Update:

  • A lot of different programs are hitting the books right now - teacher grants are getting paid out, HRC distributions, 6th grade class trip deposit, secret shop inventory.
  • Additional charges - Logo Wear – we have had a lot of people reach out about specific gear – we ordered more inventory and now have a lot on hand.
  • 6th grade class dues are still trickling in – we are about 79% with that but we are hoping to get more.
  • Pretzel sales have been exceeding expectations, but Monday pretzel sales do not do as well, but that cannot always be changed.
  • We just got a little closer aligned to the 6th grade budget.
  • We got feedback about Trunk-or-Treat that we did not have enough candy, so we will have to up the amount we purchase next year.
  • Logo Wear - we have a lot of inventory on hand, so we are proposing to have a flash sale online.
  • One possibility is to have Newtown Spirit Day - it may increase logo wear sales.
  • We may also use the white t-shirts for color run at the spring fling.
  • Question? What is our target age for sales? Adults - we need to reduce the adult sizes.
  • What about a flash sale for adult sizes only? Post it on facebook? Good idea!

9. PTO Play:

  • We have all dates on the calendar.
  • The signup genius will be ready for this week’s List.
  • We have the licensure contract to be submitted tonight.
  • Our goal is to have scripts to all the lead roles before the break.
  • We have new brochures to put on the PTO website.
  • We need to start advertising it – push through List, stand alone flyer and through Mr. King.
  • We decided to do a formsite for payment and emergency information ahead of auditions as well and push it all at once. Everyone who auditions will get a part.
  • Newtown Middle School did the Lion King a couple years ago and we may have some sets available to help cut some costs.
  • We are in good shape and on track for where we want to be.
  • may be used for tickets – we can actually raise money because of advertisements.

10. Other:

  • Dec. 12th is Jules Spirit Night. 5-8pm, but they let you go early. There is no minimum. Just have to say you’re there for NES. There is no minimum.
  • Jan. 30th is Chick-fil-A Spirit Night – the same night of the Science fair - but we need to have a voucher and we have to hit a min of $400 or they will not give us anything back.
  • Someone can stand outside with extra vouchers perhaps.
  • Piccolo Trattoria reached out for a spirit night as well – they are eager to do one.
  • Mrs. Kurek said she will reach out to the new pizza place on Rt. 413 – Vince’s. Wrightstown just did one and they did really well.
  • We have looked into Wendy’s. He requires a month in advance, but he really wants to make sure we can make it a big night – all receipts from the night give us a percentage.
  • We reached out to the Newtown Bookshop – we doubled what was made last winter because of weather and snow. The proceeds go for our library - yay!
  • Science Fair registrations – 64 at this point. We will now start pushing it before deadline.
  • We need to make other registrations at the end of the doughnut purchases.
  • We will reach out to the O’Keefe’s about metals once we get more registrations.
  • Night with your Knight – we just reached 155 so they will close down the bowling alley so it will JUST be NES people – Since we know the place is only for us then we can keep it open for others who missed the initial registration. This may make it more desirable to some families.
  • Question? What is our ratio for Chrome Books? More than a 2:1 ratio - have about 450 for 670 kids.