Free Enterprise is The Best

Joseph Tate & Ivan Rahman


This system gives businesses complete control and freedom over their decisions without the government interfering. This helps companies by allowing them to continue making products and create new things freely. This is good for the market because companies will keep on creating new and more products, creating competition on the market. This is good because if there is competition, it keeps businesses alive because people are always trying to sell better products. Free enterprise tests peoples hard work and rewards it.

The Facts

This system will be the best to give you good prices, for example if an item is in low demand and it is plentiful then it will be priced low, but if something is in high demand the price will be larger. The system has no one person in charge, it is the companies that are the best that will lead it, but no one is "in charge" of it. People will get paid based on the company's owner and based on what the employment will decide. Things in this economy are bought and sold on their own, it is up to the people for things to be bought and sold.
The Promise of Free Enterprise


Many people say that the free enterprise system is not fair because the wealthy people keep making more money, while other regular workers do not make as much compared to them. People say this is selfish, but free enterprise is based off of hard work. Business owners have gone through a lot to become successful. Their wealth was not just handed over, but they earned their wealth by working hard.


Free enterprise gives businesses complete control and freedom over everything relating to them without government interference. People can express their creativity through their businesses and run it however they want. Free enterprise rewards those who are willing to work hard.

"There's no limit to what free men and free women in a free market with free enterprise can accomplish when people are free to follow their dreams." ~ Jack Kemp