WW II Investigation

Samantha Collins

3. Concentration Camp Questions

I think that there were "concentration camps" because the US was afraid of the Americans that were Japanese. They wanted to make sure that they were all put in one place so that they can't do anything that would hurt the United States.

The Korematsu vs. United States during 1944 was when the president of the US wanted all Japanese decedents to be encaged in camps. This is significant because a innocent person died because of the conditions of the camp.

4. Book Burnings

What surprises me the most is that the Germans were one of the many well educated countries and that they burned books. Hitler thought that any other thoughts other than his could be dangerous against his power. All literature that were considered "non German" were burned. The Nazis made the Germans say and oath around the site of the burning books and other "unneeded" items. I think that these actions are not necessary and disrespects literature. I feel like the Germans were over influenced by Hitler during the time to burn books.

5. Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The Soviet Union decided to bomb the major cities because it would destruct more people and important buildings that may be in Japan. If they bombed a little country many people may not have known that this was a major threat and that they need to stop. I had found that most of the documents are wrote very briefly to ensure that if the letter finds its way into the wrong hands it will not be very much help to discover what they are doing with the Manhattan Project.

6. Navajo Code Talkers

Philip Johnston came up with the idea of using the Navajo language because there were very few people who could speak fluent Navajo. The Code Talkers were considered Heroes because they helped communicate with leaders letting them know what they need to do and information about the war. Without them the Japanese could have been prepared for the war and bombs that the US was sending.

9. D-Day

D-Day was known as a day of invasion and the biggest one in history. D-day does not stand for anyithng.