Walnut Grove PS

December, 2019 Newsletter

Walnut Grove PS

Principal: P. Lone

Vice Principals: S. Rofaiel, F. Tulloch Harvey

Superintedant: Patrika Daws

Trustee: Carrie Andrews

About Us

Walnut Grove’s Daily Schedule

Entry Bell 9:15

Period 1 9:15 - 9:55

Period 2 9:55 - 10:35

Period 3 10:35 - 11:15

Nutrition Break A 11:15 - 11:35

Nutrition Break B 11:35 - 11:55

Period 4 11:55 - 12:35

Period 5 12:35 - 1:15

D.P.A. 1:15 - 1:35

Nutrition Break C 1:35 - 1:55

Nutrition Break D 1:55 - 2:15

Period 6 2:15 - 2:55

Period 7 2:55 - 3:35

Dismissal 3:35

School Security

All parents and visitors entering the school during school hours must be buzzed in through the front doors and sign in and out at the office.

You are also reminded to wear a visitor’s badge while you are in the school. For safety reasons, it is important that we know who is in the school at all times.

Student Absences

Your child’s safety is very important to us, for this reason please make sure to call the automated attendance line at 1-855-209-6155 for each day that your child is going to be absent from school or will be coming in late.

An attendance call can be made at anytime however you need to call before 9 a.m. for the current school day. Safe arrival calls will be made each day for students that have an unexplained absence.

Late Arrivals

If a student arrives late to school, after the 9:15 a.m. entry bell, they must report to the office to sign in and receive a late slip before going to their class. Please help your child arrive to school on time up establishing and encouraging morning routines


If your child will require to take or have any medication (eg. Epi-pens, inhalers) while at school due to asthma, allergies or other medical conditions please inform the office. You will be given a medical form that will need to be completed by your family doctor and returned to school with the medication. No medication can be administered at the school without having a current medical form completed and on file at the school.


There are several students and staff who have severe food allergies in our school. For that reason, we ask to you please do not send any food items as a treat for a birthday or special celebration. If you wish to celebrate, sending materials to support learning in our school such as pencils, crayons, books, etc. would be appropriate. Thank you for your understanding.

Kiss and Ride

We understand that there are a lot of cars in the morning and after school using the Drop Off lane. We are asking for your patience and understanding and to follow the guidance of the teachers on duty.

Please note that children should never exit from the driver's side and even if they are seated behind the driver they should exit from the curbside.

Thank you for helping us in making Walnut Grove a safe school for all of our students

Nutrition Break Routines

We encourage all students to remain at school during both Nutrition Breaks, to participate in the variety of extra-curricular activities offered. However, we recognize that some families want their children to come home for lunch. In order to ensure student safety at all times, we have established some expectations for Nutrition Break Routines:

· parents/guardians will be asked to complete a form indicating their wishes for daily routines for lunch for their children – these will be kept on file to ensure that routines are being followed

·anytime that those routines are changed, parents/guardians will be required to contact the school (by phone or in writing) indicating the change in routine

· if students go home for lunch, they are expected to remain home for the entire break (40 minutes)

· students are expected to return ON TIME for next period

STUDENTS WILLL NOT BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE SCHOOL PROPERTY AT NUTRITION BREAKS EXCEPT TO GO HOME FOR LUNCH WITH PARENT PERMISSION. Students will not be allowed to go to the plaza across the street, nor are they allowed to go to a friend’s house for lunch.

Help protect students with severe allergies by keeping lunches, snacks


Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that affects some children. We ask that you help us take care of these students by sending lunches and snacks for your child that are free from peanuts or nuts, because these foods are the leading cause of anaphylaxis.

Please read the label of any food you plan to send to school with your child. If the label says, "May contain nuts or peanuts," please do not send it to school.

You can get a complete copy of the Peel board's anaphylaxis guideline from the school office.

Supervision in Yard

Yard supervision for students begins at 9:00 a.m. Students should not be dropped off, or be arriving on school property, prior to 9:00 a.m. When outside, students need to play in their designated area and remain visible to the supervisor in the schoolyard.


Parents play an important role in the development and education of their children and in the success of the school community. At Walnut Grove, we welcome and encourage the participation of parents and community members, and are grateful for the countless hours our volunteers contribute throughout the school year.

To volunteer at our school, you must complete a short interview and a criminal record check. This Criminal Record Check must have been completed within the last 6 months, must include a Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) and must be an original copy. A police background check is required for all school volunteers in Ontario. Even if you want to accompany your child on a field trip, you need this background check.

Once you have completed the process, you are on file with the Peel District School Board as being a school volunteer. All returning volunteers will be mailed an Offence Declaration Form that must be filled out and returned to the board office each year. You will not be able to volunteer with the Peel board until you have returned this form.

If you have any questions about criminal record checks or the offence declaration form, please call the board office at 905-890-1010 ext. 2832.

Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D.)

Walnut Grove students are welcome, with the permission of their parent/guardian, to bring a device from home to use at school for educational related purposes only. Students are expected to demonstrate good digital citizenship through the appropriate, responsible, legal and ethical use of technology. Parents are asked to sign a BYOD contract around the safe use of technology at school as outlined in the school’s code of conduct. Parents please look for this contract in your child’s agenda within the first few weeks of September.

If a student does not have access to a personal device, a school device (e.g., Net book, Chrome book, I Pad), may be made available for their use while on school property.

Principal's Message

I would like to thank our wonderful Walnut Grove school community for such a warm and wonderful welcome back to school for me. My foot has healed nicely, and I am so very happy to be back at school with students, staff and families. I truly missed Walnut Grove and all of the amazing activities and initiatives that happen each day. More than anything, I missed the children, and the joy that they bring to school each day.

I have received very positive feedback, once again, on the Student Led Conferences that were held on November 14-15. As a school that "Empowers Modern Learners," it is very important that students take an active role in sharing their learning with their families, and articulating their strengths, needs and next steps. We continue to move forward in ensuring highly effective communication between home and school, using modern communication strategies, not just at Student Led Conferences, but on a daily basis with each class using their own class sites.

December is promising to be a very exciting month at Walnut Grove! Some of the highlights include: Junior Volleyball teams playing in their tournaments, our Kindergarten students performing in an afternoon Holiday Concert, Grade 3 Tea and Talk, Character Assemblies, and a wide variety of extra-curricular activities during Nutrition Breaks.

Once again, we will be collecting non-perishable food items for our annual "Cram the Cruiser" food drive. We will also be collecting, hats, mittens and scarves for a Women's Shelter, and Toys for Tots (unwrapped please). If you and your family feel that you would like to contribute to any of these initiatives, it would be greatly appreciated, but please remember it is always voluntary. We always try to remember those who are less fortunate during this time of year, and Walnut Grove has been extremely generous to those in need - and we are very thankful.

On behalf of our Vice Principals Mrs. Rofaiel and Mrs. Tulloch-Harvey, I would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. We wish you good health and happiness in the New Year ahead, and we look forward to seeing all of you in the new year. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy New Year!

Message from the Trustee

Trustee’s Message

It’s hard to believe that winter break is almost here! Time certainly flies and it’s hard to believe that we are already in the month of December. As we wind down for the winter holidays, it’s important to reflect on how much has been accomplished so far in the 2019-2020 school year.

In my role as board trustee, I have had the pleasure of visiting schools and seeing how staff and students inspire hope. From fundraising for the Terry Fox Run, United Way Giving Day to coming together to share how we #ChooseAction, we all have the ability to unite for a common cause and help others in need. I am proud to see how many students and staff are working together to inspire success, confidence and hope, each and every day. This holiday season, I encourage you to lend a helping hand, whether it is a kind gesture, a simple hello or a random act of kindness. These small actions can make a huge impact on those around us.

Thank you to students, staff and community members for your hard work during the first few months of school. Have a safe, fun-filled and relaxing winter break!

Please feel free to reach out to me.

Carrie Andrews

Trustee Brampton Wards 7&8


Carrie Andrews

Trustee, Brampton Wards 7&8

Peel District School Board


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Character at Walnut Grove

Monthly Character/Social Justice Focus

The character focus for the month of December is Cooperation. The Social Justice focus is Building Supportive Communities.

Cooperation is working together with others for one goal.

You show COOPERATION when you:

· Participate with your best effort.

· Assume positive intentions in others.

· Follow the rules made by the group.

· Respect the ideas and feelings of others.

· Value the contributions of others.

Building Supportive Communities involves thinking about others as well as yourself. For many cultures,

December is a month of giving. What can communities do to help support each other during this and other times of the year? How can students be supportive of each other within the classroom, and in the larger school? How can the school help support the larger community? This theme helps students to reflect on ways in which we can support and care for each other throughout the year.

Monthly Character Trait Winners

Kindergarten: Kabir, Shriya, Anshveer, Armaan, Maheep, Sartaj, Arnav, Sahana, Sabeeka, Yagna, Basima, Nila, Deeta, Japneet, Harseerat

Grade 1: Anshdeep, Khashini, Rabpreet, Raunik, Ameera, Amari, Jayson, Mahi, Shreya, Aiza, Gurfateh, Isabella, Mia-Rose, Kiaan, Jaziba

Grade 2: Sareen, Kabishan, Devesh, Gurjot, Winston, Dilan, Baani, Ravneet, Preston, Rayna, Jass, Seerat, Pearl, Juneid, Avi, Zoey, Angelina, Hisham

Grade 3: Saihaz, Ayaan, Riquan, Avneet, Aarmaan, Maya, Ishika, Angad, Greg, Gyan, Meher, Vaikhan, Avi, Govin, Mehtaab

Grade 4: Abi, Karman, Kevin, Angelle, Pahul, Geet, Surleen, Joshua, Viren, Ekroop, Varun, Dilman

Grade 5: Khushpreet, Dipesh, Shiven, Shivesh, Jasleen, Rishan, Krish, Yuvraj, Shelese, Sahib, Jai, Amina

Grade 6: Karman, Niiethavan, Ashmeet, Gurshaan, Taran, Samia, Evan, Shivam, Raghav, Angeli, Gurshan, Satasha, Shreya, Jason, Simar, Sahib

Grade 7: Ashmit, Palveer, Saumyaa, Divjot, Nimrat, Poshika, Aansh, Raphael, Sian, Salma, Ashley, Ashraj, Rajan

Grade 8: Chatanpreet, Khushmeet, Subha, Sarnoor, Gurleen, Kelvin, Sanjana, Jasraj, Keeret, Saranyan, Krish, Krish (8FA), Madison, Royston, Jason

All Stars in the Gym: Sa'Mya, Amaira, Rishan, Nimrat, Twisha, Pahul, Sukhsahej, Sohaali

School Council News

The School Council met on Nov. 13, and the required yearly process of consultation between School Council and Administration was completed. I would like to thank Mr. Armstrong for attending the meeting as Acting Principal in my absence, to ensure this process was completed. There was some discussion about upcoming fundraisers, so please stay tuned for more details.

Our next scheduled meeting will be on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, starting at 5:15 pm in the Staff Room. As always, all parents are welcome to attend, along with the elected members of Council.

Walnut Grove School Success

Walnut Grove School Success Focus

Student success and achievement is at the heart of everything that we do at Walnut Grove. We set high expectations for staff and for students. We continue to refine our goals and set achievable expectations for our entire school community.

  • Our academic focus continues to be on further developing and deepening Numeracy skills. Students will continue to be engaged in problem solving, making meaningful connections and applications to the world around them, and to communicate their mathematical thinking and reasoning. Literacy skills also continue to be a focus and are integrated in meaningful ways throughout all areas of the curriculum.

  • 21st Century Teaching and Learning at Walnut Grove incorporates Inquiry-based learning, collaboration and the responsible and effective use of technology, to help further develop critical thinking skills in our students.

  • We continue to focus on and build upon our Bullying Prevention and Intervention plan, with student-led committees and activities, aimed at raising awareness and reducing/eliminating any instances of bullying at Walnut Grove. We have numerous extracurricular activities and programs aimed at developing positive student behaviour and effective problem solving skills. We work toward ensuring that our school is a safe, positive healthy place to learn and work.

Traffic Safety at Walnut Grove

Each day we are amazed at the number of personal safety risks we see people take in order to "save time." Walnut Grove has approximately 1000 students, and it DOES take time at entry and dismissal times for all students to enter and exit SAFELY. We ask that you review our safety protocols and be a role model for safety for our students.

Kiss and Ride

  • always pull your car up as far as possible to allow more cars in the K&R lane
  • Never let your children out of the car in the middle lane; students can only exit a vehicle from the K&R lane closest to the school
  • Drivers must remain in their cars - this is not a parking area- pull up, students get out of the car, car leaves
  • Enter to the right, NOT the left - please follow the arrows
  • Always follow the directions of the staff who are on duty - they are there to help keep your children safe
  • Be patient- if everyone follows the same rules, the K&R runs quickly and efficiently

Bus Lanes at the Front of the School

  • this is NOT a pick up or drop off area for cars
  • DO NOT enter this driveway while the buses are loading or unloading at the beginning and at the end of each day
  • DO NOT run through the bus lanes to and from the street - this VERY DANGEROUS - use the sidewalks, as it only takes an extra minute or two

Traffic on Pinestaff and Tappett

  • be considerate of the Buses - do not block their entry into the front driveway, and allow them out of the driveway and back on to the road
  • Please model for children how to cross the street safely - darting in between moving cars on the roads is not only dangerous, it teaches kids to ignore safety
  • Cross with crossing guards, and at the lights
  • Do not block entrances and exits
  • Slow down

Parking Cars on the Street

  • obey the signs - many parents have received tickets for parking in areas that they shouldn't
  • Do not block entrances/exits
  • Use sidewalks to bring children to and from the school - never dart between buses

Overall, we have staff who are out on supervision duty in the morning and after school, to ensure student safety. We are asking for your help too. Please follow the directions of the staff on duty; they are thee to help keep you and your children safe.

What's Happening at Walnut Grove

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Toys for Tots, Hat & Mitten Drive, and Holiday Food Drive 2019

Runs from December 1st to December 13th.

The season of giving is upon us. Walnut Grove is excited to continue participating in The Toys for Tots program, which helps financially disadvantaged families in the region of Peel. We are looking for our wonderful community to consider donating a new, unwrapped toy so that all children have something special to wake up to during the holidays.

Spread the Warmth

Walnut Grove is proud to be continuing the hat, mitten and scarf drive. Please donate new or gently used items that will be sent to a Peel organization to assist those in need.

Our Annual Non-perishable Items Food Drive - 'Cram the Cruiser' Program

This year, once again, we extend an invitation to our families to consider donating non-perishable food items towards Peel Police's 'Cram the Cruiser' program. Last year, we managed to cram 3 cruisers with donations for the less fortunate. This year we look forward to match and hopefully exceed our donations.

Thank you in advance to our families for your great generosity.

News from the Music Department

News from the Music Department

December 2019


Mrs. Locke is continuing the unit with ORFF instruments (xylophones and glockenspiels) .

Grades 2-3 are learning to play individual parts as a part of a larger ensemble with a variety of cultural music.

Grades 4-6 are learning a Japanese lullaby names “Sakura” in one part and practicing their knowledge of standard musical notation.

Grades 6-8 students are reading complex standard notation and play in three part ensembles.

Miss Leaton:

Grade 2: Students are continuing to practice their rhythms. In December, we will be singing various songs and working on proper singing techniques.

Grades 3-6: Students are playing the ukulele and working on mastering C, C7 and F chords. We will also start learning more about strumming patterns and TAB notation

Grades 7-8: Students have been given the choice of playing either Guitar or Ukulele. They have set individual goals which they are working to achieve.

January- March Break

Grade 2: Instruments Families

Grades 3-6: Recorder

Grades 7-8: Mixed Ensemble Unit

Character Assemblies: Link to the Assembly Schedule for the year

Next assembly:

Thursday, December 19, 9:20 and 10:20 - Please feel free to join us!

9:30 - Grades 2,4,6,8, FDK

10:20 - Grades 1,3.5,7, Splits

Follow us on Twitter:



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Eco Club News

Junior Eco Teams (Mrs. Dubey, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Locke, Ms. McClafferty):

As part of the contribution to OUR COMMUNITY and natural environment, the Junior Eco Team has joined up with inaturalist.org to monitor plants and animals near the community pond and river. So far, it is only Walnut Grove reporting what we find! We go on nature walks to collect samples and report them on the website. Please look at what we have logged so far and join us if you wish by creating your own login to the app.


Inaturalist.com from the ECOTEAM2019

For a really fun video of discovery, have a look at what we did with a broadleaf cat tail (Typha latifolia) we collected:

The Extravagant Broadleaf Cat Tail

This is a video about eating from our garden for the first time!

Eating from our classroom garden!

Intermediate Green Tech Team (Ms. Gutt, Mrs. Puscas)

The Intermediate Green Tech Team members are pursuing ideas of their own in a personal inquiry. Some of their ideas include a video advertising the Eco Initiative here at WG, understanding the rainforest fires issue, the downside of single-use plastics, and leading an energy conservation initiative.

December News from the Wolf Den

In the Gym:

Volleyball Unit Completed, On to Badminton!

As we wrap up one net-wall game in the gym, we begin the Badminton unit. Students are very excited for this sport as classes get the chance to participate in doubles tournaments during their P.E. time and get the experience of being a part of a real tournament. Hand-eye coordination, sportsmanship, and teamwork are all skills that students will need to bring into this unit in order to have fun. During the last week of December before the holidays, students will get the chance to pick their own adventures in the gym as the squad winners from each class will have the opportunity to run the lessons and pick the activities/games they wish. We are excited to rally our way into the Holidays and New Year!

Teams at the Grove:

Senior Flag Football All Peel Finals

Since our Senior Flag Football teams won 1st place in their divisions, they were invited for the first time ever in Walnut Grove history, to compete in the All Peel Finals at Mississauga Secondary School on November 7th and 11th. Facing the top 12 schools in all of Peel, they played 5 round robin games and won 4 out of the 5. Doing so, they were able to contend in the playoffs. They played with integrity and heart, but sadly came up short and lost a hard fought game, ending a hugely successful season. We are so proud of all our players as each one bought something special to the team. Not only did they make us proud, they were the only team at Walnut Grove P. S. to have the opportunity to play in the Peel Finals event. Way to go Wolves!

Senior Girls and Boys Volleyball

The Senior girls and boys Volleyball teams had their tournament at Southfields Village Public School on November 25th and 26th. Both teams played 3 round robin games and had the chance to participate in the playoffs. Both teams won in the quarterfinals so they advanced to the semi finals. They demonstrated great sportsmanship and fought their hardest but were doloriously defeated. They both then had the chance to play for the bronze medal. The girls maintained a good attitude and won 3rd place overall, bringing home the bronze. We are proud of all of our Wolves for fighting until the end with dedication! Until the next tournament!


Grade 5-6 Dodgeball

The 5-6 Dodgeball League has begun and students are very excited to take part in a fun intramural league that anyone can participate in! We are lucky to have Wolfpack referees to oversee the games and ensure our junior students are playing safely, correctly, using sportsmanlike conduct at all times. The league should be finished before the winter holidays and we will be naming our champions in the coming weeks! Good luck to all players, and thank you to the refs for their hard work and dedication, as always.

7-8 Basketball League

It’s FINALLY HERE! The highly anticipated Basketball League is here for students in grades 7 and 8 wishing to participate in a fun, friendly and competitive league. The team drafts are currently underway and students are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the teams and schedule next week. Our games will begin on December 9th and continue after the holidays. After league games, the grade 7 champions will face the grade 8 champions in an All-Star match-up to crown the Walnut Grove 2020 Intramural Basketball League Champions. This is a big title at our school as students love basketball here and work hard to improve their skills and teamwork in order to play in this league. Good Luck to all participants who signed up and stay tuned for results!

Upcoming Sports and Intramurals:

Junior Girls and Boys Volleyball

The Junior Volleyball teams have been practicing daily to prepare for their upcoming tournaments on December 3rd and 4th. Students are playing a type of volleyball called “Triple Ball” and have been training to ensure they are prepared for their big days next week. We wish them well and are certain they will play with pride and sportsmanship!

Senior Volleyball All Star Game:

On Friday, November 29th, the Senior Girls and Boys Volleyball Teams faced off against the teachers in an All Star Game to celebrate their successful seasons and engage in a friendly competition among staff and players. Although the result of the game was not determined when our newsletter was published, it is quite obvious that the teachers will be winning this game with their outstanding skill and expertise. This tradition is one we plan to continue at The Grove for all future teams.

November All-Stars in the Gym

Congratulations to the following students for their dedication to sport, athleticism and sportsmanship!

Sa’Mya (1A)

Twisha (2/3)

Amaira (3FA)

Pahul (4FA)

Rishan (5B)

Sukhsahej (6B)

Nimrat (7B)

Sohaali (8FB)

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News from the Peel District School Board

Report your child’s immunizations to the Region of Peel online

When registering for school for the first time, parents and guardians are required to provide up-to-date immunization information for their children. This includes registering for kindergarten.

You can update your child’s immunizations online. The online immunization tool allows you to attach a photo of the immunization record. When reporting online, an Ontario Health Card is required.

Report immunizations online at: www.peelregion.ca/immunize

After you report your immunizations online you will be given a reference number. Keep this number for your records. You will need to give this number to your child’s school when registering.

If you do not have online access or your child does not have an Ontario Health Card, take a copy of the immunization record to the school. Make sure your child’s name and date of birth are visible on the record.

Call Peel Public Health at 905-799-7700 if your child does not have an immunization record or if you have any questions about immunization exemptions.

For more information, visit www.peelregion.ca/immunize

Train More. Rehearse More. Learn More.

Peel District School Board program offers flexible school options for student athletes, artists

Does your child/teen have an intense sports or arts training and competition schedule that makes it difficult to attend school regularly? The Peel District School Board’s Peel Region High Performers Program will offer flexible timetabling to accommodate student athletes and artists with demanding practice, competition, rehearsal and/or performance schedules.

The Peel Region High Performers Program is available to students in grades 4 to 12 at Britannia Public School, Dolphin Senior Public School and Mississauga Secondary School.

Applications are open

For more information and applications, visit www.peelschools.org/HighPerformers.

It's time to register children born in 2016 for kindergarten

We inspire success, confidence and hope in each student…and it all starts in kindergarten! If your child was born in 2016, they can start kindergarten in September 2020. You can register your child at any time during regular school hours—just visit the school they will be attending to register.

Peel schools will also hold Kindergarten Registration Week from Jan. 13 to 17, 2020. Visit Walnut Grove from:

  • Jan. 13 to 17, 2020 – from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Jan. 16, 2020 – from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 to 8 p.m.

What you will need to bring to registration

Proof of child's age (one of the following)

  • Canadian birth certificate

  • Canadian passport

  • citizenship card/certificate

  • Permanent Resident Card

  • confirmation of permanent residence

  • work permit

  • refugee permit

    Proof of address (one of the following)

  • Ontario driver's license

  • utility bill

  • bank statement/client slip (directly from financial institution)

  • credit card statement

  • federal government forms (e.g. Social Insurance Number, Service Canada documents)

  • purchase agreement

    Proof of custody – children must live with their parent(s) unless provided documentation supports an alternate living arrangement.

    Proof of immunization – proof that your child has been immunized/vaccinated.

Peel Public Health shares tips to help prevent the flu

It’s flu season and we want to make sure students stay as healthy as possible this year! Influenza (flu) spreads easily from one person to another and Peel Public Health has some tips to help reduce the risk of catching the flu and spreading it:

  • Get your annual flu shot: The flu shot is your best defence against the flu. There are many locations across Peel where you can get your flu shots:
      • Family Doctors’ offices

      • Walk-in clinics

      • Pharmacies

      • Peel flu clinics

  • Keep children home when they’re sick: If your child develops flu-like signs and symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue), keep them home from school. Contact your health care provider if symptoms are severe.

  • Practice good hygiene: Help your child get into the habit of covering their nose and mouth with a tissue when they cough or sneeze and throw tissues in the trash. Cough or sneeze into a sleeve or elbow, if they don’t have a tissue. They should also avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth. This is how germs are spread.

  • Wash your hands: Encourage your child to wash their hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer, especially after they cough or sneeze.

For more information, call Peel Public Health at 905-799-7700 or visit www.peelregion.ca/flu.

Regional Learning Choices programs

Regional Learning Choices Programs offered by the Peel District School Board empower students by providing them with opportunities to develop and explore skills in a particular area of interest. Regional programs are open to all students who meet the criteria for acceptance.

Transportation is not provided for students in regional programs. If students have been accepted into a regional program and they live within the school boundary, they are eligible for busing only if they meet the distance criteria outlined in the board’s Transportation Policy #39.

All regional programs include annual fees, including a non-refundable $40 application fee.

Students and their families are encouraged to attend the information night for the program of their choice to receive more information about the program and application details.

Important dates to note:

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Apply for French Immersion by Jan. 31, 2020

If your child will be starting grade 1 in September 2020, one of the important choices you will make is whether you want to consider grade 1 French Immersion (FI).

The application form for grade 1 FI for the 2020-21 school year are available online at www.peelschools.org/French. The deadline to apply is Friday, Jan. 31, 2020.

Applications received after the deadline will not be included in the random selection process and will be placed on the school’s waitlist.

The FI school for our area is Walnut Grove. The phone number is (905) 796-4572

Applying for Grade 1 French Immersion

The Peel board has a limited number of spaces available for grade 1 French Immersion. They are not offered to students on a first come first served basis. A computerized random selection process randomly ranks all applications that are received by the deadline and assigns the available spaces in rank order. Once available spaces are filled, the remaining students are placed in rank order on a school’s waitlist. Each school has its own waitlist.

Students must apply to and, if accepted, attend the French Immersion school based on the home address. Flexible boundaries are not available for Grade 1 French Immersion.

How to get more information

For more information about French Immersion and how you can support your child:

  • Call Walnut Grove PS at (905) 796-4572
  • Visit the Canadian Parents for French website at http://on.cpf.ca/
  • Visit www.stopr.ca to determine if your child is eligible for busing and for information on bus stops and routes.

Help your family stay warm this winter

Canada Safety Council recommends the following tips for staying comfortable and preventing hypothermia when working or playing outdoors:

  • Wear a warm hat—most body heat is lost through the head. Children should keep an extra hat at school.
  • Wear layered clothing. Layers allow warm air to stay trapped around the body.
  • Protect your feet and hands. Wear loose waterproof boots. If the boots have liners, carry an extra pair to replace damp ones or take an extra pair of socks. Invest in thick socks to keep your feet warm. Mittens are warmer than gloves. Carry an extra pair of mittens to school, on outings, etc.
  • Prevent dehydration and exhaustion, which can lead to hypothermia. Drink plenty of fluids and pace yourself when doing vigorous activities.
  • Stay fit by exercising and eating well—people who are fit are less susceptible to hypothermia.
  • If you stay indoors, avoid moving from a hot environment to a cold one. Excessive sweating caused from an extreme change in temperature increases the risk of developing hypothermia.
  • Eat high-energy food such as nuts and raisins. A balanced diet will also help keep you warm and healthy in the winter.
  • If you are travelling (on the road or in the wilderness) carry emergency supplies.

Winter bus safety

The following winter school bus safety tips will help to keep your child safe throughout the winter months.

  • Allow extra time to get to your bus stop.

  • Wear bright clothing so the bus can see you in the early morning and late evening.

  • Stand away from where the bus stops. Buses need extra room to stop when there is snow and ice.

  • Use the handrail when boarding or exiting the bus to prevent slipping on wet or icy steps or road surfaces.

  • Dress appropriately—winter clothing, hats, and boots will keep you warm.

  • Don't throw snowballs at the bus or other children waiting for the bus.

  • Don't slide on the snow or ice patches in driveways or on the street.

  • Don't push or shove around the bus. Someone could fall down on the ice and get hurt.

    Talk to your child about what to do if the bus is late. Here are some suggestions:

  • When possible, wait with your child for the bus.

  • Make sure your child knows a phone number where he can reach you or another trusted adult.

  • Teach your child how and where to get help. Talk to your child about what a "safe" stranger is.

  • Help your child set up a bus stop buddy system so your child has someone to wait with for the bus.

Bus cancellation and closing schools due to bad weather

During the winter months, we may need to cancel buses or close schools because of inclement weather.

Information regarding details of cancellations or closures will be available on Twitter @Peelschools, Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/peelschools/, www.peelschools.org and www.stopr.ca or by calling 905-890-1010 or 1-800-668-1146. It is usually also announced on the radio and television stations listed below:


CFNY FM102.1/AM640 CJCL AM590 CHFI FM98.1


FM Z103.5 FM93.1 FM Q107



CFRB – (Bell Media)

One of the following messages will be announced:

Peel District School Board buses are cancelled

This means that schools remain open for students and staff, but buses are cancelled. Bus cancellations could occur in all or parts of municipalities. Buses will remain cancelled all day. All activities that require busing will also be cancelled. Permits, night school classes, child care and other activities in schools will operate as usual.

All Peel District School Board schools and board offices are closed

This means that all schools and Peel board offices are closed to students and staff. All activities in schools and board offices are also cancelled, including child care, night school and permits.

All evening programs and permits at the Peel District School Board are cancelled

This means that all activities in schools and Peel board offices are cancelled, including continuing education courses and events. The buildings will be closed.

All weekend programs and permits at the Peel District School Board are cancelled

This means that all activities in schools and Peel board offices are cancelled, including continuing education courses and events. The buildings will be closed.

6 Ways To Relieve Stress During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a happy and busy time of the year. Often, it is also a stressful time of the year. Our “things to do list” can be long and calendars can be jam-packed with events. To help you have a happy season, here are some tips to relieve holiday stress.

1. Meditation: Try meditation before you begin your day. Mindfulness and meditation are century old practices that have been proven to reduce stress and angst. A daily practice of being completely present and cultivating awareness can improve your sleep, boost your immune system, help with focus and reduce your stress. It may be exactly what is needed to get you through this busy time of year.

2. Get Outside: One of the best ways to overcome stress during the holidays is to exercise and get outdoors. Research shows that physical activity not only boosts your fitness and energy levels but can also elevate your moods. Perhaps an outdoor ice skate or sledding through the snow could be a way for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors and relieve stress together.

3. Plan Ahead: Create a schedule ahead of time that balances holiday events and personal time for you and your family. Allow yourself to say “no” as needed. If your calendars are overly scheduled it may cause extra stress and angst.

4. Be realistic: The holidays don't have to be perfect or just like last year. As families change and grow, traditions and rituals often change as well. Choose a few to hold on to, and be open to creating new ones.

5. Don't abandon healthy habits: Don't let the holidays become a free-for-all. Overeating and overindulging adds to stress and guilt. Here are some healthy strategies that can help: eat a healthy snack prior to a holiday get together so you don’t overload on unhealthy treats; get plenty of sleep and continue physical activities.

6. Be generous: One of the best ways to be happy and manage your stress during this time of year is to act generously with your loved ones, co-workers and friends. This doesn’t mean with gifts or spending money. You can be generous with your compliments. You can generously offer help to a loved one with chores or an errand. Or you can be creative and write a poem to a loved one about how much you appreciate them. This will feel good for both of you.