jai alai

By Daniel Eduardo Perez Montano

About jai alai

In this sport you throw the pelota like a baseball. Another thing about this sport is that it is pronounced is Hi-Lie. it is also the fastes sport in the world because when you throw the ball it could go up to 180mph. The ball for pros are harder than a rock.

For Begginers

for the starters this game is really hard. That is because, for starters it is really hard to throw the ball. But it is not likely for them to get hurt because they do not use a hard ball instead they use a rubber ball.

requirements to play

How To Win And Rules

To win on this game you have to score 7 or 9 points. If the ball goes out of the three wall it is out of bounds. This game is also for all ages.

Were To Play

For a public match, the only place to play is St. Petersen.