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April 24-28, 2017

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Thinking on 2017-18

Information will be coming to the elementary (9.6 month) secretaries soon. For your planning and awareness:

July 24 - Elementary secretaries (9.6) return to work/first contract day. As we have done for the past few years, they will have a few days to set up shot.

July 27-28 - training days

Aug 31 - school office open for business

Aug 1 - targeted new student enrollment date (although they can enroll online at anytime, we still push for an unofficial enrollment date a few weeks before the first day of class).

from J-

ICYMI: State and district assessments are upon us. As I've been visited various sites, and see how each site handles testing, here are the top five practices I have observed from leaders who bring out the best of their staff and students during this time.

1) Exemplary leaders know how to create a "healthy anxiety" about testing. Yes, there is such a thing. It is a cultural mindset of excellence. A healthy anxiety brings out the best of individuals if they are coached and supported appropriately. A question to reflect upon: does your school have a healthy anxiety or an unhealthy one? How do you know? Who have you asked?

2) Your best leadership tool is your example. If you are stressed, so are your teachers, and so are your students. If you are confident, so are your teachers, and so are your students. Whatever word defines your example: positive, frantic, organized, scattered... that's what the feel of the building will be.

3) The skillful leader is cautious in changing up the schedule/daily routine for testing. Nothing disrupts a teacher's or kiddo's day like moving specials all around, moving furniture/changing the room, etc. While some adjustments are necessary, upsetting the learning apple cart for the sake of testing may do more harm than good by creating unhealthy anxiety, versus promoting optimal conditions. Unless structural change is a regular occurrence for the students, attempt to tap into the power and calm of routine.

4) The wise leader knows the balance of working hard and playing hard, maintaining high expectations while being relaxed, and building fun and joy into the testing experience. They do this with a focus on staff. Yep- you take care of the staff, & the staff will reciprocate and take care of their students.

5) Exemplary leaders are positive. Like Mr. Roger's positive. The power of a positive mindset and sharing affirmation has all the evidence research behind it to show that it does have an impact. It's common sense and good practice.

My thoughts and positive vibes to you, your staff and students as our students show what they know at this juncture of the year.

State Assessment Time...
What If What We Knew About Disciplining Was Wrong?

We just don't fix kids' behavior problems, but set them up for success on their own. Too many fixate on a child's problems outside of school walls—a turbulent home, a violent neighborhood—rather than focus on the difference the school can make.

from Bret-

I met my goal this week and provided Tower data to 4 principals.

Once MAP testing is over, I hope you will help us push Explore enrollment. A couple of pointers:

1. Work closely with your Explore liaison to identify students who are not enrolled, especially FRL students.

2. Ask teachers to make personal contact with students not enrolled and ask for updates on this progress (what gets monitored, gets done). The best way is face-to-face or by phone.

3. If you have remaining Spring events, set up an Explore table and enroll students at the event.

J and I pulled principal attendance records for 2016/2017 this week. Please note, that a 12 month employee is considered “excessive or unreasonable” if absences exceed 10 days (personal and/or family illness, personal days). We ask that you please be aware of your own situation. You can see where you currently are by checking into your Employee Self Service.

Why Literacy ICs? This is why...

Research has already shown that improving writing also improves thinking, content knowledge and speaking skills. This is why we will always keep a focus on core skills.