Malcolm X

By: Edgar Jassiel Lopez

What was Malcolm x famous for?

Malcolm was famous for being a civil rights activist and he was a powerful speaker.

Malcolm x's childhood

Malcolm X's childhood was tough because he lived though some bad times. Such as, when his dad got killed by the KKK, and when him and his brothers were separated as kids.

Malcolm X's education

While Malcolm X was in prison he borrowed books from the prison library to teach him self, then he started to write letters for the NOI. Before he was a civil rights activist he was a minister in the religion of "Islam" He became a civil rights activist a few years after his arrest.

Malcolm X's Adulthood

Malcolm X got people to fight for there rights. He worked with Marthin Luther king jr. He was a great speaker and had a lot of followers.

A famous quote!

"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice, if your a man you take it!"

5 words about Malcolm

  • brave
  • tricky
  • famous
  • smart
  • tough