Propaganda Campaign

By Marcelo gaitan

Changing charity

In the world, a good number of people are less fortunate than others. Helping those is our job. A lot of people think of African cities when it comes to poor people but really it's not always them. America has a large amount of the population struggling with financial bills. Some people don't have food or even a home. Theses people are our neighbors, they live in the same country as us and they should get help from everyone to make the United States of better a better place, this will also set a good example for other countries to help their citizens and possibly even bigger, helping other cities or communities. Charity's are a great way to do this. Help is easily gained especially with this topic charity and a lot of people's life can greatly change because of this of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of a hero, which can be achieved by helping in this way. Just with a little a lot of people can change their lifestyles for good. It's not always helping by donating money, but by donating love and emotions, sometimes emotions speak louder and can do better than money. Some of these people feel lonely and money won't help much, rather than helping the become a better person by being with them and creating a relationship that will teacher hem crucial life skills.