By Zak Eichhorn

Background information



Major cities

Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca

Medellín , Antioquia

Barranquilla , Atlántico

Cartagena, Bolívar



Was it controlled by another country, did it gain independence, if yes when.

Yes Colombia was controlled by Spain.

Yes Colombia gained independence in 1810

Official language


The Colombian flag

It had three stripes a yellow on top blue in the middle and red on the bottom.
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Geogical information

We're is Colombia

Colombia is north to Peru and Ecuador and east to Venezuela

Physical Feutures of Colombia

Amazon River, Cauca River, and Magdalena River


Type of government

Constitutional republic


Juan Manuel Santos

Economic Information

Colombian Currency

Colombian Peso

Economic System


Tourist Information

Why should people visit Colombia

The people are nice, it's safe there, good to Learn Spanish, Incredible Architecture, huge festivals with dancing, exotic foods,Colombia is a soccer country, and they have awesome activities like scuba diving.

What should people see and do

Some famous attractions in Colombia are the Gold museum the amazing natural parks in Colombia like the national park in bogota were you can swim with the Dolphins or you could go to the national coffe park in Rosario islands or the barefoot park, Tequerdoma falls Colombia has many wonderful places so come and visit