Zoo Project

G.3 - Area and Perimeter on a Coordinate Plane

You have been hired to design a zoo for the city of Mooresville.

Below you will find the requirements for the zoo. Your job is to create a blueprint of the zoo that includes all of the requirements for the animals.


The zoo must have four different habitats, one in each quadrant. Label each quadrant with habitat name.


Each habitat must have at least 5 animals, for a total of 20 animals in the zoo. Label the type of animal in each habitat's exhibit.


Exhibits must be in the shape of squares, rectangles, and triangles. The zoo must have 10 triangular exhibits and 10 square and rectangular exhibits.


Exhibits can be found on the map by listing its vertices. The area and perimeter of each exhibit must be evaluated on paper.


  • Draw zoo on grid paper.

  • Each square unit is 10 feet.

  • Fill out the google document.

  • Show work for finding the area and perimeter for each exhibit on paper.

  • Perimeter - Use Absolute Value for finding the length of each side of the exhibits.

  • Area Formulas:

    • A = bh (square and rectangle)

    • A= bh ÷ 2 (triangle)

Extra Credit

1) Determine the distance if you were to visit every exhibit. Draw a path to all the exhibits

and determine how many feet it would take to walk the entire zoo.

2) In addition to the graph paper, create your zoo in Chrome Lego Build. Use this link