Small Pox is cured!

Edward Jenner creates the world's first vaccine!

"Father of Vaccines"

In Berkley, England a great scientist was born to a family of six. Edward Jenner was orphaned at the age of five and raised by his oldest brother. Jenner was locally educated before he studied and graduated from St. Andrews college in Scottland. After graduating he observed and examined biology and life in the animal kingdom. He had a particular intrest in the cuckoo bird, which lays its eggs in other birds nests and forces the mother bird to take care of orphaned baby bird.

After his research he became an apprentice to a surgeon Dr. John Hunter a , who chose him because of his intrest of observation and expirimentation. Dr. Hunter ecourage Jenner to be inquistive in his work.

In 1773 Jenner headed back to his hometown of Berkely to become the county doctor. On the side of being a doctor he had been obeserving cowpox and smallpox for a quarter cenuty. This obeservation and experimintation led Jenner to do something that could have revoked his liscence to never practice again. He introduced the infective agent of cowpox into an eight year old boy. Eight weeks later he innoculated the boy with smallpox and the boy was cured. Forever more this would be called a vaccination.

Within 18 months deaths in England had dropped 66% . He also found that he could take the lymph from smallpox pustule and dried it in a glass botlle for use of vaccinations up to three months to be transported.

January 1823 Jenner died and will forver be known as the father of vaccinations.


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