January 2015

EPS Preschool Class


Welcome to preschool!

Our first week went off without a problem. We are all still getting to know each other and all the teachers that we will working with. Thank you for a smooth transition into our classroom. This is going to be a great year!

Teachers we will be working with.

Here is a list of some of the teachers we will be working with closely. This will help when discussing the day with your child.

  • Mrs. Martini-Speech
  • Mrs. Mayo- OT (she also share our classroom at times)
  • Mr. Matheson -Gym
  • Mrs. Amiet- Music
  • Mrs. Robbin- Principal
  • Mrs. Macheda- Secretary (we walk to her with the green folder)

Home Extensions

There is no homework that your child has to do in Preschool. However, there are activities you could do to extend their learning from school. Some simple ideas are:

  • labeling the shapes and colors on food containers (example a cereal box is a rectangle; an apple is a circle)
  • spotting numbers or letters while driving
  • helping clean up after meals
  • signing songs
  • asking questions about their day
  • sorting the laundry into color piles

Up Coming Events

1/19/2015- No School:Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day

1/30/2015- Marking Period Ends

2/13/2015- No School

2/16/2015- No School:President's Day