Fifth Grade Flyer

News, updates, and happenings in rooms 216 & 217

October 2015
Each month you will be receiving an electronic newsletter to inform you of what has been happening in our classrooms. Be sure to check out the news, pictures, and upcoming events. We can't believe a month of school is already behind us! Please check your email for a link to sign up for a date and time to conference about your child's progress so far this year.

Congratulations to our TERRIFIC KIDS for the month of September - Justin Gaskins and Kristyana Harris. Way to go!!

Math Matters

Multiplication is on our agenda starting next week. We will be working through our multiplication unit through the month of October before diving into division. We have really explored place value during these first few weeks of school. Exponents, rounding, comparing, estimating, adding, and subtracting; we covered a lot!! Please refer to the email sent earlier this week for video tutorials for each skill. These are a great tool for you and students. Below are a few games that are fun, too ;)

Reading Report

In ELA, we have been focusing of the overarching idea of “personal transformations” as we read the novel, Out of my Mind. This novel is about a young girl, who is just like any other child in many ways, but she is not able to walk or talk because she has cerebral palsy. Throughout the novel, we will learn that has a personal transformation with the help of some special people in her life. By the end of the novel she is able to communicate with the aid of a device, but not everyone wants to hear what she has to say. We have and will be covering reading skills such as inferring, using context clues, summarizing fiction, comparing characters, and quoting the text. We will also determine the theme of a text and work on narrative writing and grammar.

Science Center

We have been studying cells in our Wee Beasties unit. Looking at single celled and multicellular organisms under a microscope, making a plant cell from jello and other foods, and using celery to see the specialization of cells are just a few of the fun activities we have completed during this first month of school. The unit is coming to an end and we will soon be moving on to Geology Rocks. A few biology links are included below:

Social Studies Scoop

We recently began the first social studies unit which covers the mid to late 1700s in colonial America. Students will learn about the 13 colonies and how they are divided into three regions. The overarching question for this unit is, “How did the geography of the colonial regions affect the economic activity and the lives of the colonists?” The students will discover that the jobs and industry of each region were based on the natural resources of the regions.

Upcoming Events

  • October 2 - Fun Friday - Wear your class color!
  • October 5-9 Bullying Prevention Week
  • October 13 - Picture Day
  • October 16 - Schools closed for students
  • October 30 - Schools close 3 hours early