What is Urbanization anyways?

Urbanization is when a place become more city like, populations grow and more jobs are created. in the 1800's towns were finally built because they could farm and provide for themselves, with this people were able to have different jobs and in result cities sprung up.
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Benefits and Opportunities of Urbanization

Urbanization allows people to be closer together and to set up permanent settlements. Urbanization also allows people to start having specializations other than farming; new jobs were formed because not everybody needed to be a farmer. Everything has to be in walking distance because nobody had vehicles at this point; this lead to high population densities.

Fire is A Problem

Fire would spread very fast throughout towns because everything was so close together, if these settlements were able to spread out there wouldn’t be as great of a risk of the entire town burning down.

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Great Chicago Fire on October 10, 1871


Water wasn’t always the cleanest; it could be contaminated and lad to the spread of a disease. this could be a big problem back then, they had to keep their water clean so that people wouldn't be coming down with sicknesses due to unclean drinking water,

Is Urbanization a Problem Today?

Today we are seeing cities that are becoming over populated due to the population of the world. i think that it is a problem but there isn't much that we can do about it. we may be able to build buildings, apartments, etc. higher so there is more "space" for people but the population densities will just continue to grow. We don't have problems with water sanitation today due to the technology we have but if a disease were to come thorough it would be able to spread very quickly in some of the major cities in the world.