Sally Ride

First women ever to go up into space

A little bit about Sally Ride

Sally Ride was born on May 26, 1951 to July 23, 2012. She was the first women ever to go up into space and was a inspiration to many. Sally Ride Science, the name of Ride's company in 2001 was a company to inspire people around the world, Especially girls. The point of the company was to tell them more about STEM and was they could achieve by being in STEM.

Awards and Achievements

Sally Ride's Awards

Sally Ride was awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom award by Barack Obama himself to Sally Ride. Ride was also awarded the NCAA's Theodore Roosevelt award and the NASA space flight medal. Further more she was also named a engineering hero by the college Stanford. She achieved many things and was brave enough to go up into space. We will always remember Sally Ride and the things that are now accomplished that Sally Ride made happen.

Sally Ride and Barack Obama