Reform in the 19th Century

By: Tavian Campbell


The Temperance was a movement to ban Alcohol in the U.S.. It was led by woman because their husbands would go out and drink then come home drunk and beat on their wives.

Mental Health/Prison reform

This reform is for mentally ill people who were put in a regular prison and the conditions of prisons were horrible, but Dorothea Dix wanted their to be separate institutions for mentally ill men and women. Before she died she had created 100 facilities.

Educational Reform

Lead by Horace Mann, established teacher training programs, improved curriculum, doubled money Massachusetts spent on schools. Improved public schools.

Woman's Rights Reform

In the 1800's the opportunity for woman to become educated increased, Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Lucretia Matt were the leaders of this reform. in 1848 women in this group held their first woman's rights convention.

Abolition reform

This reform was started to end slavery in the United States. The first group started in 1820's and it was led by William Lloyd garrison. Frederick Douglass was a famous abolitionist, he was a freed slave and started an abolitionist newspaper and called it the North Star.