Virtual Resume

Smart goals

Volunteer goal

S: I want to get at least 80 hours of community volunteering done at my local mosque by the ending of my high school career.

M: I can trace this goal by taking a calendar and writing out specific days that i will attend the mosque and how many hours that day I will work there. I will ask the head people there to let me clean and teach little kids, so by the time it is the end of high school i will have 80 of volunteer work finished.

A: I will ask my parents to drop me there, and always try and find time to go volunteer I will go full days during the vacation dates.

R:This goal is realistic and doable because my family and I are always attending the mosque, whenever i want to go my parents will take me, and because i am volunteering at a place of worship my parents will support me.

T: the time frame for me to achieve this goal is buy the ending of grade 12. the reason I need to meet this goal by grade 12 is because that is when i need to have my volunteering hours finished

Academic smart goal

S: by the end of my high school career (grade 11 to grade 12) i want to have a 90 in biology and fully understand everything about the course.

M: i can track this goal by making an agenda that will have various daily tasks i will have to complete geared towards biology, I will also ask my teachers for test and quizzes that can help me track my progress or tell me where I am lacking.

A: I will study something new every day, watch documentaries on biology, and I will also ask my teachers to give me brief summaries on the biology subjects I am learning at that time.

R::This goal is realistic and doable because if I practice something new every day by the ending of my High school career I will be able to fully understand everything about biology

T:the time frame for me to achieve this goal is buy the ending of grade 12. the reason I need to meet this goal by grade 12 is because when i go to university I will need a 90 in biology in High school to be accepted.

transitions and changes


Contact Information:


Wasim Ayube


115 Watsonbrook DR

Brampton, Ontario L6R0R6






With strong organization and sociable skills, volunteer experience, and a strong will to become a family physician and learn more about Health, I am seeking a a job to become a family physician so I can help my community and at the same time challenge my self to be the best at my job.


Mc Masters University


Toronto, Ontario

September 2024 - September 2026

Mc Masters University

Bachelors degree of science

Toronto, Ontario

June 2018 - June 2024

Louise Arbour Secondary School

I am working towards the OSSD diploma

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018



October 2013 - March 2014

scored the most goals of the season

Volunteer Experience

Saida Khadija center

senior exercise helper

Brampton, Ontario

December 2015 - June 2016


senior helper

Brampton, Ontario

March 2014 - September 2015


Liberals door to door election helper

Brampton, Ontario

October 2015 - December 2015


Ruby Sahota Election Helper

Brampton, Ontario

October 2015 - October 2015

Skills and Abilities: Positive attitude and behaviour

I am sociable I can understand peoples feelings

Ability to manage and organize information

Ability to prepare written materials

Ability to problem solve

Decision making skills

Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)


2014 Brampton youth division soccer runner up October 2014


bachelors degree of science

June 2022Ontario Secondary School Diploma

June 2018

Hobbies and Interests

I like playing soccer,

spending time on my computer

and watching soccer


Mr.Liang, Teacher, Louise Arbour , 905-793-5451Mrs.Tran, Teacher, Louise Arbour,

Challenges and Sollutions

One challenge that can occur for me when I become a family doctor is having to break news to patients and their families. Doctors find it difficult to give patients bad news because patients usually only hear that something is wrong with such as they have cancer and before the doctor can continue their anxiety usually takes over and the patients do not hear anything else the doctor has to say. This is a problem because what the doctor says next is usually vital and if the patients can not remember what the doctor has said this can lead to problems. I feel this will be a problem for me because even though I know i can break the bad news without a second thought the problem for me will be getting the patient's attention after their anxiety takes over, this is a problem for me because to get a person out of an anxiety attack you have to coax them and show affection which is something I do not know if I can truly show to a stranger even if it is my patient. Another problem that can occur for the patient during me telling them bad news is that if I have a connection with them the patient usually feels overly optimistic and therefore does not prepare for the worst. I would overcome this challenge by sitting with the patients and having talks with them before I break the news to slowly break the news to them. Another thing most doctors do to break bad news and make it easier on themselves mentally is tell the patients over the phone this way the doctor does not have to watch the patient break down and will be able to hold themselves over.