BTSD Internal Math News

The 5-24-16 Issue

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BTSD Internal Math News

Generic News:

Have you been features as the BTSD Mathematician Spotlight? Have you been featured as the contest winner? Do you read this and occasionally find a tidbit of information that you are able to use? if so, consider using this as a resource for your MY Learning Plan.

: Step-by-step paper tutorials are being created to understand the Skills Navigator portion of the MAP (NWEA) program.

FWS: No new news to report.

BTMS: The annual Math competition was a huge success! The students competed in this effort based competition to win a Kindle Fire. The second round of MAP testing is underway.

BTHS: No new news to report at this time.


- Got news? Shoot me an email to be included in the next issue.

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The Common Core State Standards provide clear and consistent learning goals to help prepare students for college, career, and life. The standards clearly demonstrate what students are expected to learn at each grade level, so that every parent and teacher can understand and support their learning.

This is a reminder that no textbook will cover the standards perfectly. We as educators must use our professional judgement to supplement, reword, reorganize and often engage our students outside the realm of what the textbook has to offer.

New for this issue: As we begin to hear rumblings of changing OUR standards again, here is an interesting look at the situation that maybe many people should embrace.

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PARCC testing will follow the Common Core Standards. The format in which the questions are asked or expected to be answered is what could be uncharted territory for our students.

Booking the computer lab, utilizing classroom computers & encouraging computer use at home might help ease these upcoming challenges. Click here for the actual PARCC-Example-by-Strand spreadsheet.

New for this issue: Here is a link to a great resource for parents (& teachers) to find out the skills their child should have learned & how they can help at home.

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STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons as students apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics in contexts that make connections between school, community, work, and the global enterprise enabling the development of STEM literacy and with it the ability to compete in the new economy. (Tsupros, 2009)

Here is a link to our STEM resource center.


New for this issue:

Check out the video games made by our students in the Coding Club at BTMS.

Here is the game for Student 1. Game Name: Chaser Dodge

Here is the game for Student 2. Game Name: Mechanical Wars

(The creator's high score is 101, what will yours be?)

Here is the game for Student 3. Game Name: Donkey Kong

Here is the game for Student 4. Game Name: Griffin's Door

Here is the game for Student 5. Game Name: Kingdom Invaded

Here is the game for Student 6. Game Name: The Lab

To make it really interesting, 23 teachers & a Mr. Winkelspecht representing administration volunteered to play & then judge the games on a variety of categories.

Special Thanks to:

Erika Green

Tom Foreman

Doug Yeager

Melissa King

Ed Steinmetz

Jane DeAngelis

Nicole Goetter

Heidi Valery

Rose Capitano

Jackie Murphy

Joe Tyler

Mike Winsett

Joyce Schoolik

Adam Fincke

Diana Pearl

Andrea Keck

Risa Ferguson

Kiel O'Donnell

Missy Abrahams

Cindy Lubrano

Kelsey Bozarth

Angela Davies

Larry Wolford


Ryan Winkelspecht

More games will be coming soon!

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BTSD Mathematician Spotlight

This issue's BTSD Mathematician is Melissa King.

The Middle School runs an annual effort based online math contest through a site called Ten Marks. The student in each grade level that put forth the most effort by simply answering the most questions correctly wins a Kindle Fire. The student that wins out of everyone in the building is able to award their teacher with an additional Kindle Fire. While most of the spotlight should be shined upon the student, the teacher does play an important role in continuously motivating their students. Mrs. King not only had the winning student but was also able to motivate the majority of her students. She used creative motivational techniques within her own classroom without "giving away the farm".

Do you have an activity worth sharing?

For this site & other good math websites, don't forget to visit the "Great Links" section under the "External Resources" category on the BTSD Internal Math Training website.

Kudos to Melissa

Previous Mathematician Spotlight Leaders

October 2014: Peg Perry

November 2014: Andrea Keck

December 2014: Kiel O'Donnell

January 2015: Diana Pearl

February 2015: Theresa Deyo

March 2015: Margo Asay

April 2015: Marjorie Nisnick & Joann Maybury

September 2015: Mike Winsett

October 2015: Donna Gablein & Megan Iannuzzi

November 2015: Adam Fincke

December 2015: Diana Pearl

January 2016: Andrea Keck

February 2016: Mike Winsett

March 2016: Margo Asay

April 2016: Joe Tyler

May 2016: Melissa King

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Tips & Resources

Are you looking for a fun way to introduce or reinforce plotting points? Pixel Art Battleship is a great way to infuse technology into learning this new skill. The Pixel Art craze stems from Minecraft, so the students really get into it. If you are interested in learning more, shoot me an email.

** Don't forget to visit the BTSD Internal Math site for other "Tips & Resources".

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App of the Month

This is a new section of the Math Newsletter. This will offer at least one new App that you can try or pass onto your students and parents.

This month's App: PhotoMath AND Mathpix

I'm not sure if you want to actively share these apps, however, technology is here to stay and we need to figure out how to embrace the fact that most of our students already have one of these apps listed above.

See the video below for a quick demo of the app.

Do you know of a good math app? Shoot me an email with the title and details!

Previous Apps:

Twelve a Dozen

Bedtime Math

NJ Core

Math Fight

Splash Math Worksheets (Grades 1 - 5)

Disney Imagicademy

Pixel Press Floors



Let's Do Math

Math vs. Zombies


Math Ref

Math Climber HD

PhotoMath AND MathPix

Photomath App
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Math Question for this Issue

Are you actually reading this newsletter? The first 10 people who respond correctly will have their name put in a hat and one name will be drawn to win a prize!

Here is the question for this Newsletter:

What is the absolute value of 5?

Last issue's question: What is 30% of 120?

Margo Asay won with her answer of 36.

October's 2014 winner: Leigha Quinn (She received 6 two-sided mini white boards to use in her classroom.)

November's 2014 winner: Kathleen Papa (She received a set of over-sized post-it notes to use in her classroom.)

December's 2014 winner: Tom Foreman (He received 6 two-sided mini white boards to use in his classroom.)

January's 2015 winner: Robin Umberhauer (Her entire class helped!) (She received a set of over-sized post-it notes to use in her classroom.)

February's 2015 winner: Hope Hayes (She received a set "Wipe Clean Worksheet Covers" to use in her classroom.)

March's 2015 winner: Kiel O'donnell (He received a set of over-sized post-it notes to use in his classroom.)

September's 2015 winner: Beth Iannuzzi (She received a set of "Wipe Clean Worksheet Covers" to use in her classroom.)

October's 2015 winner: Tom Foreman (He is our first 2-time winner! He received a Desktop Organizer picture below.)

November's 2015 winner: Joyce Schoolik (She received a Desktop Organizer)

December's 2015 winner: Mike Winsett (He received a set of two-sided mini dry erase white board to use in his classroom.)

January's 2016 winner: Heather Zierold (She received a set of over-sized post-it notes to use in her classroom.)

February's 2016 winner: Joyce Schoolik - This month featured an additional "Bonus Question" Joyce won both! (She received 2 sets of perforated index cards)

A special thanks to all that answered!

March's 2016 winner: Toby Popso (She received a set of "Wipe Clean Worksheet Covers" to use in her classroom.)

Aprils's 2016 winner: Margo Asay (She received a set of "Wipe Clean Worksheet Covers" to use in her classroom.)

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Just for Fun

A new section! Take a break and enjoy something fun about math.
Kid Calls 911 For Help With Math Homework
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You can find the archived newsletter here.