Monday Memo

Weekly Campus and Principal Update

Today's Graduation Mindset ~ Grit

Today, students will watch this video by Angela Lee Duckworth on Grit. The link is here:

Following the video, please post this questionaire on your projector screen and allow time for students to rate themselves on the Grit scale. You'll find the questionaire here:

Hold a discussion with your students about their results and reflections ~ this will continue to be a campus-wide push. Tie this idea of Grit to Graduation Mindset in your conversation with students!!

Professional Learning ~ Grit

If you do not have a homeroom class, you will still need to watch the video linked above.

  • Department Heads: Please plan to use the Grit attachments for a professional learning activity in an upcoming department meeting. Invite your administrator to the conversation.
  • Mindset and Grit go together ~ you have to have your head in the right place, believing that goal achievement is possible and the determination to reach the goal regardless of obstacles over the long term.

Plaza Marquez is now OPEN for Learning!

Summer School?

Williams will be one of three EOC summer school sites. I anticipate the dates will be June 11-July 3. Students from WHS and McMillen will attend our school. In addition to the summer school dates, there is an additional week of testing, July 7-11 in which we will need test administrators. If you would like to be considered for a teaching or para professional position, please let me know as I will begin my staffing plan in early March.