Circulatory System

Pumping Our Blood

The Circulatory System

The Circulatory System Know as the cardiovascular system is basically helping our blood pumping through out the arteries if it gets tired it helps the blood go back to the Lungs which then renews the air and ready to spread it again ENJOY!

One of my favorite Experiment for Circulatory System

Comparison with circulatory system ( including bloods, veins and main organs ) with Hot Wheels™

If you look carefully the Hot wheels™ generator is like the heart and the lungs so what the generator does it pumps in cars that are going slow then it will go FULL speed after that it goes on the other corner it will slow down meaning it needs oxygen.

The Threats to our Circulatory System

The Threats to this system and how to keep it healthy

The threats to our circulatory system is Bone Cancer

if you wear rubber band too tight it will block the blood from coming in your palm

the third one is High Cholesterol because if you have too much body fat your Circulatory System wont pump as good at usual

To keep it healthy we must do these following things :

Exercise ( Not Too Much )

Have a balanced Weight

We are the science Attax

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