Vocabulary.. from Justen Brunson

Cell Membrane

The cell membrtane seperates the interior cells from the cell wall. Its present I both animal and plant cells.

Cell Wall

The cell wall is an extra layer. The cell wall is responsible for protecting all of the organelles. Plants don't have cell walls but they animals have cell walls.


The cytoplasm is a liquid jelly like material inside of the cell wall. It fills the entire cell, almost like a cushion. Cytoplasm is in both plants and animals except that in plants its called chloroplast and creates the plants color.
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The nucleus is the central organelle within the cell. It is responsible for holding the genetic information. Both plants and animals have a nucleus.

Nuclear Membrane

This is the second layer surrounding the nucleus. It protects the nucleus because it is the most important part of the cell.


The nucleolus is on the inside of the nucleus. The nucleolus are made from RNA and certain chromosomes.


Centrioles look like small microtubes. They help with cell division. They live in both plants and animal cells.
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A macromolecule containing DNA and RNA. Its responsible for fitting DNA into cells, mitosis, Stopping DNA damage,
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Are protiens. They link amino acids. Protiens are produced in this region. Carryed by both plants and animals.
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Golgi apparatus

In this part of the cell wall the cells are given protiens and other forms of nutrients. Plants and animals carry these.
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Carries nutrients from one cell to the next. This is in plants and animals cells.


Converts food to energy for each cell. Mitchondria are in both plant and animal cells.
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Plants use this to capture sunlight and gain nutrients. This is in plants only.
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smaller objects which break down certain substances in the cells. They help do digest waste and bacteria.


Help to break down digestive wastes. In animal cells only.


Are responsible for the storge in cells. They are in both plant and animal cells.