Math In Music

By: Emily Bennett & Megan Beavers

Music To My Ears

When you listen to music, you may not be aware of the math used to create it.

How Math Is In Music

Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci being represented in music is mostly shown in scales. Octave is made of 12 chromatic tones. Plus, one the octave. A scale is composed of eight notes. The fifth and third notes create a basic fondation of chords, based off of the whole tones that is two steps above root tones, which is the first note of the scale. Fibonacci is related to music because as Pythagoras stated the ratio portrayed is most pleasing to the ear. The numbers of Fibonacci when divided show frequency that most notes and octaves are based off. A more clear demonstration is shown on the design of a piano.

Music Sales In 2014

Total music sales for digital music, is 117,600,000 or 117.6 x 10 to the seventh power.

Total music sales for album or CD's is 9,200,000 or 9.2 x 10 to the sixth power.

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How we represented what we learned about real numbers in this project was by showimg the counts in a measure as fractions and the beats as whole numbers. Math follows us in our everday cultures. While it is a big part of music, it is also a big part of building things, selling things, buying things, and much more