All the Things You Need to Know About Binary

A basic description

Binary is, what I find as, a confusing way of a computer counting in numbers. The computer can only process numbers in a certain way such as in 1's and 0's. This to us may been seen as odd however to a computer this is very simple.
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How to read Binary

The way that binary is read is from...Right!To...Left! This is obviously the opposite way of reading numbers when reffering to human numbers. This eventually becomes a habit to you.

How Does Binary Even Work?

Binary as you know is made up of 1's and 0's. The numbers system works like this:

|128|64|32|16|8|4|2|1| it doubles every time you add a new number.

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Bits and Bytes!

What are the sizes of: bits,bytes,kilobytes,megabytes and etc. Well the smallest is a bit. Thsi then moves on to bytes and kilobytes these are measured in 1024's, so therfore there are 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte and it goes the same for all of the other sizes of data. It goes up like this in 1024's because the numbers double everytime and the number 1024 is the last number in the sequence.
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Addition in Binary

Addition in binary is not as simple as you may think. Here is a a couple ways of working it out.

So if you have the equation:




This translates as

10 +



This is a simple method however there is a much more difficult way however more efficient way of doing it which is working out the equation in binary without translating it over in to human numbers. It works as follows:

Take the equation

0101 +


Now to works this out you need to first of all add the two ones on the right hand side together to make 10 then you ski the next one because they only involve 0's and 1+0 equals 1 and finally 0+1 equals 1 so you should end up with 1110 which equals 14 in human numbers which is the correct answer!


I hope you have enjoyed my leaflet and got to know things that you may not have known before!

By Harry Simpson